Friday, August 29, 2014

Vision ... making a discernible difference... Glasses NO MORE...

Glasses NO MORE...

I have improved my vision so that reading glasses are no longer needed nor used for small print. Distant vision has been measured as 20/20. This benefit derived from a program that included the restorative frequencies of calibrated bell quality stainless steel tuning forks applied to specific acupuncture points of the ear associated with vision, related cranium points, a willingness to 'see' everything, to consider everything and to differentiate what action or inaction deemed appropriate... yes, a mindfulness and reverent regard for the cell signaling and messaging of the body.

With the openness to 'see' everything, there is a shift in consciousness that has led to a more fluid memory of experiences of the past.  A new found clarity and understanding of cause and effect have been most welcomed.

The improvement has also included peripheral vision, and the delight of experiencing color in subtle hues of difference and brilliance. Beauty seen with the utmost of clarity and joy. 

Image shows the Egyptian Eye of Horus (or Eye of Ra) and how it precisely matches exact formation of the thalamus within the human brain. The thalamus is reated to vision in a myriad of neural connections. Here we find an accord of sturcture, form and function...each bringing meaning to sensory experience. Such BE the intelligence of divine design, known and revered by the Ancient Egyptians. Such accord has guided the practice of APOGEE Acu-Tone™ in the use of restorative frequencies to activate connections and to signal revitalization for improved vision and sensory perception.

And behold the structure of the inner ear and the depiction of the Eye of Horus. This indeed is significant when considering that specific sound frequencies, applied to acupuncture points of the ear,   and cranium points of the sphenoid bone,via calibrated, bell quality stainless steel tuning forks, brought forward reported and functional improvement in acuity, near point, far point and peripheral.

Rose Marie Raccioppi
APOGEE Acu-Tone™
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Measurable differences ... What improvements are you willing to support?  Here are charts for your personal assessment... Yes, there is a before and an after!!


  1. YES, we have to hold Faith to the existence of TRUTH of BEING... beyond the stress and hurts of our day... what we do not want to hear, do not want to see, bears a burden of limitation that brings less than wellbeing to our hearing, to our sight, to the energetic fields that can serve us. There is a consciousness to sight and hearing as much as there is a physical reality that reflects that consciousness. Working with sound, vibration, and consciousness, is to be working with the vibratory frequencies that touch our mind, body and spirit. Know I am here to guide you in your journey to wellbeing... to see with clarity and power, to hear with reverence and peace.

  2. You can go deeper and deeper until the moment comes when you open your spiritual eyes.

    You have all our love.


    don Miguel Ruiz
    don Jose Ruiz
    don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

  3. Indeed pleased: The initial improvement has sustained itself. Focusing exercises, breath patterns, nutritional considerations, and a particular consciousness, have brought consistent clarity for both near point and far point vision. YES, GLASSES NO MORE...