Sunday, November 19, 2023



More and more documented research has shown how significant music/sound is to memory. A familiar melody, a sound, and with it time and memory become present, alive, and newly real.
APOGEE Acu-Tone™ offers pure acoustic sounding to bring us to our Primordial BEING. Restorative frequencies feed our energetic need. We are enlivened to the SELF that calls to wellbeing. We are freed to explore our consciousness as cause and effect.
The heart is the first organ to develop. It is the organ that brings all in commune. The development of the heart begins as early as the third week of gestation with the 4-chamber fetal heart formed by gestational week 7. It involves complex biochemical signals, interactions, and specification of myocardial progenitor cells and heart tube looping. It has a primordial role that is to be honored. It has an ever present calling and a need for balance and harmonic accord. Working with the heart center, the heart meridian, and the related frequency is indeed honoring the primordial of our BEING.
Testimonials speak to the experienced myriad of benefits. Yes, our Primordial BEING is responsive to all that is sound, all that is vibration, all that has become part of our consciousness.
Pure acoustic sound/vibration brings one to be reborn onto SELF...This known by the ancients of Egypt as they created Sound Chambers within designated pyramids. Greek and Roman philosophers, sculptors and artists, put forth the interrelationship between, sound, form and structure as expressions of divine proportion and sacred geometry. Creation, be it of human life, animal life, plant life, mineral and crystal life, is the ever expressive spiral, vortex of form and sound. Creation offers Harmonic Alignment and Dynamic Stability.
YES, YOU will be guided in the application of designated tuning forks that you will make your own. Personalized instruction via personal Zoom and Telephone Sessions will be arranged to fit your schedule.
Pain relief, stress abatement, deep relaxation, energy balancing, and yes, facial vibrancy .. a skill set by your hand, by your intention, by your commitment to SELF.

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Rose Marie Raccioppi, MS FABI
APOGEE Paradigm™
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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Light in Commune...


...and there it Be ~ LIGHT in commune... The gift of Fall here in Tappan, New York ... Parts, whole, sun, light, motion, sacred configuration of TIME and BEING...

YES, the marvel, the motion, the miracle, the beauty, the grace of Fall, and too, the carousel, a Kaleidoscopic Happening ...

And dance I, THE PRESENCE...