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"About a year ago in college, I suffered from many health problems such as severe gastro issues, breathing issues, and severe anxiety. I have been through numerous medications and been to many doctors but nothing ever seemed to help. 

About a few months ago, a close friend of mine recommended going to Rose Marie Raccioppi,  as she only spoke the highest things about her. From the first instance I started talking to Rose Marie on the phone I felt a positive energy. Her techniques not only make you feel better but her words guide you in the right direction in life, as she said many things I needed to hear to benefit my life and body. 

Rose Marie's  breathing technique of the governing vessel breath has led my anxiety to go down tremendously, and gastro pains in my body to become minuscule. For the first time in a year, I can say that I am not as scared of letting my anxiety control me and I have started to live life as I should. This experience with Rose Marie was one I needed in my life, and I look forward to many others changing their lives as well with her practices. "

~ SLS 
November 14, 2020

BRAVO! SLS for your willingness to confront your  needs, and hold to practices that have proven to be of benefit. Your openness to approaches different from those you have experienced in the past without improvement,  has allowed you to gain a new sense of command over self. Your progress is indeed notable.

~ Rose Marie Raccioppi, MS FABI
November 14, 2020

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Friday, November 13, 2020

WATER... a sip, a benefit, an understanding of its memory and vibrational responsiveness...


The Meaning of “HADO”

Although the science of HADO is new to America and the West, the word HADO has existed in the Japanese language for centuries. Literally translated, it means “vibration.” HADO science is the study of subtle vibrational energy. HADO is important, because this vibrational energy exists in everything. 

Dr. Max Planck(1858-1957),Nobel Prize in Physics, German Physicist said: In his book The Hidden Messages in Water, Dr. Masaru Emoto—a leading HADO scientist and scholar who has taught seminars for inova in Taiwan—writes:

“Hado is the intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter.
 It is the smallest unit of energy.”

Although Asia has recognized this energy science for centuries, in the West it was not commonly discussed before the revolution known as “quantum physics.” The fundamental premise of quantum physics is that everything is in a state of vibration. All people, all plants and animals, all substance on earth and in the universe vibrates. And each person, each plant, each thing has its own frequency, its own HADO coding that is as unique to it as a fingerprint or a genetic profile is to a person.

Some quantum physicists argue that the atom itself is not so much mass as it is vibration or rotation. And there is evidence that this energy or subtle vibration exists even at a sub-atomic level.

The popularization of quantum physics over the past 20 years has provided a platform for the more serious consideration of Hado, the science of recognizing the unique vibrations and the influence they have on one another. In other words, not only does each of us have HADO in our own cells, our own bodies, but everything we come in contact with also has a vibrational energy that relates to and influences us. When we feel uneasy in the presence of another person, place, or experience, we may be responding to the relationships of HADO.

Why HADO Is Better Known in Asia

The study of Hado is much more advanced in Japan and Taiwan than in the West. Part of the reason for this is that prior to the discovery of quantum physics in the West, Asian science and philosophy has for many centuries focused on energy rather on physical mass as do the allopathic sciences of the West.

For instance, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine focus on the energy systems of the body. Even the Chinese study of herbs is a study of the ways in which the energy of plants has a positive influence in balancing the energy of the body.

inova Founder Wen-Pin Lee & HADO

inova founder Wen-Pin Lee says of this balancing influence of HADO in iWater:

“When you drink iWater, the water molecules are arranged in parallel lines,
 not at random as in untreated water. This …is good for balance, 
 Yin and Yang, and to permit toxins to be removed from the cells.”

As Wen-Pin Lee explains, the energy sciences of the Chinese were an early form of what was to be developed into the modern science of HADO by scientists such as [insert] and inova Advisor Hirotoshi Yamanashi.

inova CEO Mandy Lee Explains

“The level of HADO resonance determines the affect of one object 
For instance, a mobile phone’s HADO does not resonate well 
with the human body. Similarly, there are foods and activities
 the HADO of which does not resonate well
with the human body. These subtle vibrations are far more 
significant than has previously been supposed.”

Another reason for the neglect of HADO research in the West is that, like the nuclear study of subatomic particles, HADO itself is invisible. What we can see in the world and feel in our bodies is the evidence of HADO.

Discovering a Way to “See” the Unseen

Only in the late-20th and early-21st centuries were scientific evidences produced by which the influence of HADO could be demonstrated. Dr. Masaru Emoto first stunned the scientific community with Dr. Nakaya Ukichiro's photographs of microscopic water crystals that clearly demonstrated the HADO influence: resonance as subtle as music and as pronounced as magnetic energy. This verifies that water receives ambient signals and encodes information as a kind of “intelligence.”

The HADO of music is one reason why pediatricians have discovered that a mother singing to her unborn child can produce calm in the child; just as loud or angry noises will agitate and disturb the baby.

Another, even more dramatic scientifically significant demonstration of HADO was developed and refined by inova Advisor and HADO expert Hirotoshi Yamanashi. The Personal Information Analyzer (PIA) is a biological body vibration analyzer that provides evidence of the influence of HADO in three categories:

  1. to determine the independent safety and effectiveness of external substances such as food and environmental influences 
  2. to determine the compatibility to the human body of substances such as food and environmental influences 
  3. to determine the well-being or stress of the human body

inova Advisor Hirotoshi Yamanashi describes HADO as “the smallest evidence of life and substance.” Like electrons and neutrons, HADO cannot be seen but is recognized by the evidence of this vibration, which is tested and quantified by the PIA.

Evidences of HADO

The evidence of HADO is everywhere: in colors, sounds, scents, emotions, consciousness, and light itself, which is recognized to consist of waves or vibrations. But the PIA provides valuable information on the resonance of HADO and the between individuals and their environment.

Using evidence as the definition, Yamanashi teaches that all the messages received in Nature— sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste—are reflections of HADO. Therefore, when we speak of being one with Nature, we are referring to the HADO we sense emanating from every living and inanimate part of Nature that makes up our world, and even more importantly our experience in the world.

inova Advisor and HADO Science Expert
Hirotoshi Yamanashi

Born in 1962 at Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. Graduated from Chuo University, Industrial Chemistry Department. Researcher at Shizuoka University, Agriculture Department, Applied Microorganism Research Institute. 

Yamanashi joined a major food manufacturing company. He was mainly involved in research of emulsion and development of food products. In order to explore the natural dietary life, he established the HADO Medical Science Institute. As the director of the institute, he was involved in research and development and the application of additive-fee food, functional food, and food using HADO technology. 

Through various researches on keeping the freshness of food, quality improvement of food and the live stock industry, Yamanashi became interested in the relationship between water and the biological body, and he began his research on water and HADO.

Office YAMANASHI was established in 2001. Yamanashi is involved in various technological developments where subtle energies are applied to various industries. 

Since 2002, he has been involved in various researches as a consultant for JAPIN International Inc. together with its founder Wen-Pin Lee. This research included “body and water,” “HADO trait in water,” “anti-aging effects using phyto-chemicals and nano materials,” and the “stability of L-ascorbic acid by applying magnetic treatment technology.” He is also involved in research and development of cosmetics which focus on revitalization of the skin using anti-ageing technology, water technology, and HADO technology as the foundation.

Yamanashi’s Main Clients: A Major Textile Manufacturing Company: Development of functional fiber using HADO technology and materials; such as ores, minerals and metals. Development of functional fiber using plant based elements. A Major Feed Manufacturing Company: Quality improvement of meat, dairy products, eggs using HADO technology and functional ingredients, Environmental enhancement of livestock yards and stables. 

Improvement of contaminated soil and purification of water using HADO technology and microbial technology.

Local Government: 
Establishment of agriculture using HADO technology and microbial technology, Improvement in flavor and quality of agricultural crops.

Aqua Farming-related: 
Establishment of aqua farming using HADO technology and microbial technology.

Distribution Industries: 
Freshness-keeping system for fresh produce. Freezing and defrosting systems using subtle energy.

Recent Researches:
Development of applied technology for precious metals (platinum, gold, silver, palladium, etc.) and the fullerene nano colloid industry, and the development of plant fermentation food.

Influence of HADO
Evidence of Water

As early as the first research of Dr. Nakaya Ukichiro, and later documented by Dr. Masaru Emoto, Water is reported to be like a floppy disc: it can receive information, good or bad. And it is the only conductor that can transmit and retain HADO. In his book, The Message of Water, Emoto concludes that only clean, wholesome water creates the beautiful hexagonal crystal indicating good information and encoding. These are precisely the crystalline shapes produced by inova iWater!

inova Advisor Hirotoshi Yamanashi defined active water as water that has memorized good HADO. In his book HADO Energy and the Secret of Life he states that we need three elements in order to have water retain good HADO energy and information:

  1. Memory Media
    Water that contains minerals such as silicon to facilitate memorizing premium HADO and information. That is why bottled water, purified water, or distilled water is not only bad for the environment (because of the waste it produces in discarded bottles, etc.) but it is water that is not good for our bodies, because the reduction of minerals turns it into dead water that can’t encode the necessary intelligence. 
  2. Clean Water
    As evidenced by the crystal studies of Dr. Emoto, only clean water can remember premium information. inova Advisor Hirotoshi Yamanashi defines clean water as being free from pollutants, but not free from the minerals necessary to encode information. Soluble minerals absent from much bottled or distilled water are essential for media memory. But neither contaminated nor tap water can serve as a premium source for HADO, due to the chlorine and other pollutants that interfere with the decoding of the original information. 
  3. Right Hado Resonance
    All things have HADO, but not all HADO resonates healthfully with our bodies. The purpose of the Personal Information Analyzer (PIA) is to serve as a biological body vibration analyzer that provides evidence of the influence of HADO and to understand whether HADO emitted specific things is resonant with our human body. 

HADO energy waves or vibrations are generated through harmonious resonance between material bodies, seeking optimal energy in living bodies. The HADO PIA test almost always shows the human body has a clear rejection response to substances such as overly processed food or chemical products.

PIA Testing

The PIA (What is PIA?) is not a device that directly detects HADO. Rather, it is used to detect whether HADO emitted from a test subject is resonant or not with the living cells in a specific person. The test measures various subject responses such as variations of electric resistance on the skin and records the response on a scale:

  • above +19 : very few HADO readings at this near perfect level. 
  • above +15 : produces positive wellness support 
  • above +10 : wellness maintenance 
  • above +6 : regular vegetables and quality cosmetics 
  • ±0 : no negative effect to human health 
  • below 0 : negative to human health 
  • below -10
  • below -15 : toxic 
  • -20 : lifeless 

In the early 1990s, Dr, Masaru Emoto introduced the MRA (Magnetic Resonance Analyzer) developed by Ronald J. Weinstock of the U.S.A., This was the beginning of the HADO (subtle vibration energy) research in Japan. 

Since then, a new device was developed in Japan using his technology as a foundation. It was used in various fields and the HADO boom started in Japan. The food company Mr. Hirotoshi Yamanashi used to belong to also acquired this measurement device. 

During that time, people started to doubt the credibility of the HADO measurement device because the measurement values collected from HADO measurement devices varied greatly depending on the measurers. Also, problems arose due to lack of a clear explanation about the features or fundamentals of the device. 

However, due to the emergence of a new key word “HADO,” people started to pay attention to the existence of subtle energies; such as electro-magnetic waves, magnetism, chi, consciousness, etc. The Subtle-Energy Association was established and various researches on subtle energies began among many companies. For instance, Sony opened a lab called ESPer Research where a study on clairvoyance, telepathy, etc. is conducted. 

The HADO Device Review Committee was established at the Subtle-Energy Association, and a group which conducts research on the principles of the HADO measurement device was also established. This group was lead by Dr. Taro Yoshida (former president of Mitsubishi Electric System & Service Company and former Executive Technical Director of Mitsubishi Electronic Corporation). 

First of all, in order to verify the reliability of the measurement values, an exam was conducted where selected measurers throughout Japan had to identify distilled water and distilled water with 0.1 ppm of agrichemicals. Mr. Yamanashi was the only person who answered 100% correctly. Furthermore, with a cooperation of Dr. Kazumasa Shiga, a director at the Brain Function Research and Development Center, Mr. Yamanashi’s brain waves were observed when he was taking measurements. Dr. Masakazu Shiga is the leading researcher on brain waves and he has been doing research on the relationship between human ability and brain waves. What we found out was that the HADO measurement device does not directly measure HADO energies. 

The HADO signals that emit from physical matter is perceived by the biological body of the measurer, and the device determines whether the HADO signals resonate or are rejected by the biological body by observing the changes of skin resistances. 

Mr. Yamanashi’s brain waves, while he is taking measurements, have no waveform and it is flat. The cerebral neocortex governs how the human being learns, to have the will, the emotions and the intellect, and to be able to memorize. In Mr. Yamanashi case, the cerebral neocortex is not active and it is in a dormant state. 

In other words, the brain that governs the fundamental instincts and emotions of a life form called the reptilian brain (fairly-brain) is being activated and it can decipher the subtle signals emitting from physical matter. 

Based on this research, PIA (Personal Information Analyzer) converts these subtle changes in the brain when the measurer is in the state of “unconscious = emptiness” into an electrical signal, and changes it into resonant sound and non-resonant sound.

Migrating birds can sense magnetism, which human beings cannot sense. It has been said that salmon can swim from a river to the ocean and return back to the original river because they can sense the information of the water. With PIA, the biological body of the measurer is used as a bio-sensor to measure signals emitting from physical matter, which normally cannot be seen and sensed. It is a device that quantifies the impact of the HADO energies in physical matter to the biological body, through the resonance of the body and cells with physical matter.

Visible & Invisible Evidences of HADO

The visible evidences of HADO—both positive and negative—can be witnessed in the physical world of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, pesticides, environmental toxins, and so forth.

The invisible evidences of HADO—again, either positive or negative—are witnessed by information, intention, environment, energy, and so on.

There is light we can see (visible HADO) and spectrums of light we cannot see (invisible HADO). The subtle vibrations of all things resonate not only within themselves, but between one another.

Hado Energy and the Secret of Life
By Hirotoshi Yamanashi

Stress. Pollution. Biological toxins. All are evidence of a modern world in which technology has run amok with Nature. The core idea of HADO in Hado Energy and the Secret of Life is that you can’t mess with Mother Nature! 

The HADO science of inova is an effort to teach that lesson to the world. First and foremost in that effort is iWater. Throughout our lives, we literally exist as mostly water. To live a healthy and happy life, the answer is simple: Purify your life by letting iWater teach your body how to live again!

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