Friday, March 26, 2021

WORDS as Power onto SELF.

Delightfully simple… Delightfully profound … 
Delightfully received…

In numerology it holds the composite number 8 …and so ... 
“As above ~ So below, for the good of the One." It is the giving and the receiving ~ the receiving and the giving. When thought, when voiced, it holds the power of a mantra, of an affirmation, of an intention in fulfillment.
When voiced one can feel its vibratory impact on the body. One can become keenly aware of the vibration as it moves through specific energy centers. As one is guided through the experience, a welcomed empowerment is reported.
For the last weeks I have shared this with a number of ‘seekers’ and the results are consistent and most welcomed.
With conscious awareness it brings forth Truth, Harmony, Accord, Nurturance, Kindness… a Yielding to Omnipresence, to Unity…
What be this sounding grace… simply a heartfelt THANK YOU.
Yes, WORDS as Revelation … WORDS as Breath… WORDS as Power onto SELF.
Rose Marie Raccioppi
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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Accident ~ The Call ~ The Healing

The Accident

"Life is full of surprises and things we do not expect. In October 2020,  I was involved in a car accident where I crashed into a car that had stopped suddenly on the Garden State Parkway. 

As a result of the impact, I had a compression fracture in my lower back and a fractured sternum. For the first week, pain was exceedingly intense,  I could not sit up and barely was I able to walk. 

The Call

Rose Marie Raccioppi, who I have had the privilege of knowing for many years,  was the first person I called because she had proven to know exactly what to do when I had other afflictions, but this was something on a whole other level for me. 

Rose Marie of course was pleased to give me advice, and coach me to a path that I could not have foreseen,  given the  predictions of need presented to me by the medical staff following the accident. The Medical Doctor who attended me,  was talking about a high likelihood of surgery. My spinal bone was significantly misaligned and would most likely require surgery to be corrected. 

The Healing 

A full appraisal of my condition was related to Rose Marie. So without time to waste, Rose Marie and I got to work starting with specific breathing and focusing exercises that helped to ease my pain. This guidance was given during scheduled Telephone Sessions daily. In between our scheduled session, I carried out her prescribed breathing, visualization, and focusing practices. With daily practices, the pain was eased so that I did not have to take the morphine that had been initially prescribed. 

Within a week of applying the suggested practices, the injured and misaligned  bone had realigned itself perfectly with the rest of the bones in my back. The Doctor offered  no explanation for this rapid improvement. He simply said for me to keep doing what I was doing.  I continued the practices provided by Rose Marie. My improvement continued, such that I was no longer in need of  a brace for support. 

Around this time I had just moved in with my girlfriend and not long after the accident she broke things off,  and I had to move out of the apartment. This caused much physical and emotional strain on me. It seemed as if this was going to be the straw that broke the camels back. Thanks to Rose Marie’s expertise and guidance,  I did not fall victim to the accident or the stressful events.  I  am on a clear path to full recovery.  I have been able to put this into place with the guidance and support I received from Rose Marie Raccioppi."

Matthew L. Fascaldi

Thank You Matthew Fascaldi for your acknowledgment. Know it was,  and is,  your personal commitment, consistency of practices, willingness to accept putting these practices into a daily routine, that you have continued to draw upon, that call for APPLAUSE… indeed WELL DONE. The body signals its need for healing. We have only to know how to read, interpret, understand these signals, and respond with those practices and applications from the perspective of Holism. These integrated practices are called upon, and put into place for physical, emotional, or traumatic injury. Thank You for your willingness to share your experiences and your healing journey. Ever the best on to you.

Rose Marie Raccioppi, MS FABI
Personal Empowerment Specialist
APOGEE Paradigm™