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WATER... A Fuller Understandig ... Water Memory (2014 Documentary about Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier)

Do avail yourself of  Water Memory (2014 Documentary about Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier) It puts into perspective all that is here offered for your consideration.  The application of specific principles and the health benefits are indeed laudable.

Water Memory (2014 Documentary about Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier)


Respectful application of: Research and discovery are ever ongoing.🙂 In the natural structuring of water, as nature provides, there is motion, cascading, turbulence, as the water naturally moves from place to place, from mountain to streams, to water beds. 

There are sounds that occur from the surfaces and surroundings, that are imbedded into the water. By infusing not only the energy of specific crystals, but motion, and frequencies that harmonize with the internal rthymns of our life giving breath, we bring forth a water that truly brings hydration, pleasure and wellbeing. 

Anyone who partakes of Acu-Tone™ Structured Water, remarks on how pleasant tasting it is, silky in feel, smooth, and so welcoming. I am pleased that a growing number are receiving instruction on the process, and are enjoying the benefits of a most welcomed water. 

When studying consciousness, and the role of memory that prompts specific cell signaling, one cannot escape from the dynamic role water plays in the totality of our BEING. Restorative frequencies applied to water bring about a restructuring that leads to water that can be deeply supportive of our well being. For several years I have enjoyed the benefits of structured water... YES, it is a difference maker. The motion and infusion process, that brings about the freeing of Hydrogen to the water, creates a smooth tasting, silky water, that is consistently inviting to drink. This propriety process, that has been in use, has proven to be of noted benefit.  Part of the beneficial process brings about the added release of Hydrogen... this offsets oxidative damage!!! It is oxidative damage that brings forth the aging process and lowered immune health. Yes, frequency and crystal infused structured water supports cell health!!!

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YOU partake of WATER...is it as it is meant to be??



   Have you ever heard survivalists talk about how to safely drink water out in nature? They say to drink from streams, or moving water. Stagnant water, in contrast, will breed bacteria and disease and will most likely make you very sick. That’s all good and well for if you are ever out in the wilderness, but how can we apply it to our own lives at home?

    Water in our plumbing systems is as unnatural as it gets. With the straight nature and angular bends of pipes, the harsh treatments and possible stagnation when water is not is use, this begs for a re-evaluation of how we are treating our water, and how it is treating our bodies.

    According to research, there are motions of water that help it stay disease free. More specifically, vortices and spiraling water, as found in nature, are cleansing. When water implodes upon itself in spirals, as in free flowing water or in a waterfall, it is often safest to drink. This is how nature structures its water.

    In contrast, in our home, water is forced into a straight motion where resistance and temperature increase. It goes against the natural motion in nature, and does not bring the body as much benefit as possible.

    By structuring water, even though the chemical nature does not change, the molecular structure does. More hydrogen is released and can reverse oxidative damage that contributes to aging and a lowered immune system. 

    Further studies show that water retains memory. It picks up the frequencies of which it encounters. If water is treated harshly with chemicals, and then is not given the opportunity to have a clean slate,  the water will not be in the optimal state for consumption.

    The water we drink today is not structured as nature intended it, But there are some that have made it a daily practice to do so. Rose Marie Raccioppi, Founder/Director, APOGEE Acu-Tone™ has perfected her own water structuring routine. Unlike others that may merely use stone or essential oils, Rose Marie’s process goes beyond simply infusing the water, she brings it to come alive again. With motions creating vortices, sound vibrations, frequency infusion,  and utilization of crystalline structures, the water she offers is transformed, smooth, silky and rejuvenating. 

    When I first sampled Rose Marie Raccioppi's, APOGEE Acu-Tone™, structured water, there was a significant change for me. Later that day, I was the thirstiest I’ve ever been! My body was craving more.

    I have been drinking the structured water offered by Rose Marie  Raccioppi for months now, and have noticed the difference from my tap water at home. With this collection of information and experiences, I now know it is for my own benefit to learn how to structure water for myself and for my loved ones. Along my journey, I aim to not only inform others, but show them how to do this in their daily lives. This with the teaching, guidance, and approval of Rose Marie Raccioppi. For it is not just the knowledge we need, but the tools to incorporate this process, and in doing so, create the change that will allow our bodies the greatest health benefit possible. Only then will we be able to reap the greatest rewards water is meant to offer.

February 10, 2020

Image: IMPLOSION... the vortex of APOGEE Acu-Tone™ Structured Water...

"Implosion is a suctional process that causes matter to move inwards, not outwards as in the case of explosion. This inward (centripetal) motion, however, does not follow a straight (radial) path to the centre, it follows a spiralling whirling path. This is called a vortex and is the secret of nature."

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Rose Marie Raccioppi, MS FABI
Founder Director
APOGEE Acu-Tone™ Vibrational Sound Therapy
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Words in Revelation ~ those that call to Self ~ INTROSPECTION

"Words in their origins, call to Being, Doing, Having ... words that name, words that denote action, perceptions,  reflections. projections... the wonders, the omnipresence, the resolution, the deliverance, the spirit.  Sounding vowels, the breath of the word, the consonants, the body of the word, silent letters of support, in commune, be it of what is said, what is heard, what is read, what is thought, what is remembered."

~ Rose Marie Raccioppi

introspection (n.)

1670s, "action of closely inspecting or examining," noun of action from past participle stem of Latin introspicere "to look into, look at, examine, observe attentively," from intro- "inward" (see intro-) + specere "to look at" (from PIE root *spek- "to observe"). Meaning "action of searching one's feelings or thoughts" is from 1807.Entries linking to introspection

intro- word-forming element, from Latin intro (adv.) "in, on the inside, within, to the inside," from PIE *en-t(e)ro-, suffixed form of root *en "in.

*spek-  Proto-Indo-European root meaning "to observe."

It forms all or part of: aspectauspexauspicesauspiciousbishopcircumspectconspicuousdespicabledespiseepiscopalespecialespionageespyexpectfrontispiecegyroscopeharuspexhoroscopeinspectinspectioninspectorintrospectintrospectionperspectiveperspicaciousperspicacityprospectprospectiverespectrespiteretrospectscope-scopescopophilia-scopyskepticspeciesspecimenspeciousspectaclespectacularspectrumspeculatespeculationspeculumspicespysuspectsuspicionsuspicioustelescope.

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Sanskrit spasati "sees;" Avestan spasyeiti "spies;" Greek skopein "behold, look, consider," skeptesthai "to look at," skopos"watcher, one who watches;" Latin specere "to look at;" Old High German spehhon "to spy," German spähen "to spy."

Source: https://www.etymonline.com/word/introspection


Consists of 13 letters, 5 Vowels, 8 Consonants. In numerology the whole word of 13 letters has the Numerological value of 177, one denoting self, the master Number 77, denotes Christ consciousness, based upon the numerological value of the letters that spell CHRIST. Additionally to note, Jesus was the 77th in his line of ancestry. The words Disciple, Power, Glory, bear 77 as their full number.  (Source: Behind Numerology, Shirley Blackwell, Lawrence) 

The first composite, 1+7+7 = 15,  one denoting self, 5 denoting freedom, the  second composite, 1+5 = 6. 6 denoting, voice to be heard.  The progression, indeed a significant 'telling,' Be this the 'observant' journey to Know Thyself. 

The vowels have the full value of 53, 5 denoting freedom, 3, denoting spirit, composite 5+3 = 8, 8 denoting, as above, so below. Spirt of the word.

The consonants have the full value of 124, one denoting self, 2 denoting connection, 4 denoting structure. The first compose 1+2+4= 7,  7 denoting reflection, revelation.  Body of the word. 

Each letter beholds a directive, a called for consideration, a relationship to SELF...the spirit, the body, the whole of BEING.














Wherein lies your identity, your sense of self, your vision of BEING, horizons yet to realize, challenges yet to meet, Yes INTROSPECTION calls upon self  to observe, to bring all to awareness, for the knowing and the mastering of SELF in fulfillment of intention and purpose perceived.

Rose Marie Raccioppi, MS,  FABI


APOGEE Acu-Tone™

Prepared for Tammy Evrard