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Vibration, frequency, balance, behavior and well being.

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Vibration, frequency, balance, behavior  and well being.

Vibration is the frequency that our energy body resonates at. 
When we operate at a denser/low vibration and when our energies are not in balance:
We feel, and emulate anger, hatred, rage, jealousy, fear, resentment, projection, on a myriad of levels of intensity. Being at a denser/low vibration constricts your flow of energy, and brings about defensive/offensive behaviors.
On a physical level, when we are operating at a denser vibration, we are more readily to feel tired and have bouts of exhaustion, even if we are otherwise seemingly taking care of our bodies. Constricting emotions brings about shallow breathing, this drastically reduces easy flow of oxygen and blood to the body, resulting in achy, and/or tight, muscles. When blood flow is constricted, nourishment to our cells, organs, and systems becomes significantly compromised.
When we are at a denser vibration, we attract others who resonate at that same level of vibration. Like attracting like.
When we operate at our higher vibrations, when are energies are balanced: 
We feel, and emulate love, joy, faith, peace, and a sense of loving command and confidence. Cells are in open communication, responsive and supportive of balance and wellbeing.
Physically, our bodies respond to higher vibration with increased blood flow to tissues, muscles, and organs. Oxygen is carried in our blood, to our various systems, nourishing them. Tightness, stress and pain are appreciably reduced or eliminated.
YES... CAUSE and EFFECT consistently in expression!!

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