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Consciousness serves The Primary Function of Creation. Another term for Consciousness is Imagination. Each Being possesses varying degrees of Consciousness or Oscillating Rate of Conscious Frequency. As with all things in the Universe, Consciousness expresses itself Through Energy. Consciousness is the purest form of Energy.

Intelligent Design is observed in all physiological systems in our bodies. All of these systems including the Respiratory, Nervous, Endocrine, Skeletal, and Digestive work together in perfect harmony. Each organ, muscle, ligament, bone, cell, down to our DNA all serve a specific function. The timing of each mechanical action or chemical reaction is a perfectly timed motion that results in a change that is necessary for the process to continue. This Intelligent Design is sufficient proof of the existence of a Creator. Accidental synchronization of such intricate systems is statistically impossible.

Our Earthly Triune of our Physical, Mental, and Emotional States of Being are all affected by our Consciousness. We have way more abilities than we are led to believe. Our Consciousness is used to create experiences that affect all Three States of Being. We choose where to place ourselves, what nutrients to feed our bodies, and what events to stimulate our minds and affect our levels of happiness and give ourselves purpose.

The Secondary Function of Consciousness is Perception. The Creative process is fulfilled by the fine tuning of how we Perceive Our Reality. This perceptual lense is adjusted by altering the Oscillating Rate of Frequency (ORF). Frequency is measured by the rate at which current changes direction per second. By adjusting that rate of Frequency, our field of view changes focus. By changing our perspective, we can more easily envision a form of reality that inspires us to recreate our dreams.

The Third Function of Consciousness is Communication. Our entire lives we experience a continuous exchange of information between our own Consciousness and The Soul. That information comes in the form of Energy Transmissions. The Source of All Energy is The One. That information is used to grow the various aspects of our Being. Whenever there is a perceived disconnection, a breakdown in communication occurs.

Whenever new information is discontinued, the Consciousness remains unaffected. Acceptance of useful information, and the ORF accelerates. Acceptance of toxic information and the ORF decelerates.

All Three of Our States of Being are required to be fairly balanced or more communication breakdowns will inevitably occur as the flow of Energy is disrupted.

A Balanced Approach entails the use of Zero Point Energy. Here we begin the Creation Process by having a One On One Conversation with God Through The Soul…A Holy Communion. That is achieved through a clear field of Perception.

Create Your Own Reality.

This particular article was originally posted in the Sight/Sound/Spirit group on 12/03/2020.

Sunday, February 5, 2023

C O D E ... Gregg Braden

C O D E ... be this within our Being, within the intelligence of Creation, within the Godliness of our endowment... 

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Be this so...


The HEART ~ its structure, its form, its questing function... be they known...

So timely, so significant a posting. YES ~ Thank You... this form, the Chestahedron, representative of 7, and the tenants of Sacred Geometry, relate so personally to me. My birth number is 7. I have been gifted with a beautifully perfect, clear quartz crystal, sculpture of a Chestahedron, .. placed on a glass shelf in my bedroom to receive the glory of the sun's light. 

I invite all to view... ever the fascination of our structure, our form, our sacred geometry, supernal intelligence in its expressive glory. 
HEART be this the form and function of...
Dynamic, Responsive, Life Supporting, Communicative,, a structure, a system that is the very expression of flow, of circulation, of sacred geometry, of feelings...of feelings...of feelings... the play of life and BEING... an organ that is of Balancing... of emotions, of the puling energies that move us away from BALANCE, the quest of each organ in commune, the HEART the orchestrating that we are not to defy, by our own sabotage, by a consciousness of polarity, by the demons of our subconscious. 
APOGEE Acu-Tone™
Frank Chester | What Moves Your Heart? The Chestahedron
Frank Chester | What Moves Your Heart? The Chestahedron
Frank Chester | What Moves Your Heart? The Chestahedron
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