Monday, January 25, 2016

RESTORATIVE FREQUENCIES ... as featured in Winter Issue of BODY Magazine...

RESTORATIVE  FREQUENCIES  for the wellbeing of Body, Mind and Spirit

Dismay, depression, disease, each a call to awareness, to ascension beyond the held perceived realities that confine, constrict and ultimately deeply compromise health and a state of wellbeing. What be this call, but to restore balance, to restore a sense of power, a willful change, to be delivered to discernment, to discovery, to the depths of self beyond all illusion and deception.

Every influence, every experience, during our development from the moment of conception,  to our infancy, to our early childhood, to our teen years, to adulthood, is held within the consciousness of our BEING, defining our perceptions, and the vibrational frequencies of every organ, every system, every cell.

Scientists, mystics, philosophers, physicians, visionaries pose,  in a myriad of ways, the question of what it means to, "KNOW THYSELF.” What words, what thoughts, what experiences, hold to your heart with a sense of joy? What holds to your heart with a sense of frustration, anger, rage? Every word, every thought,  every feeling, is an expression of your vibratory frequency. Each energy center has its particular frequency, its particular consciousness. If there is an imbalance, an exhaustion within an organ, within a specific energy system, one experiences a sense of need, a fatigue, a ‘not quite self' feeling, a forewarning, an uneasiness, a restlessness, tightness, restriction, and a spectrum of pain. This is the BODY calling to itself!

Ancient Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, Greek and Roman principles of BEING and health call to the power of the word, the mantra, and the vibrational core of wellbeing. Each energy center, each nerve plexus can be brought to a balanced, harmonious communication and flow with the application and receiving of specific restorative frequencies. An energetic evaluation, based upon direct body biofeedback, is provided to ascertain need. Based upon the findings, restorative frequencies, via calibrated tuning forks, to acupuncture and cranium points, and far infrared heat, are provided to restore spinal resonance, harmonic cell communication, all to assure deep relaxation, revitalization and renewal.

APOGEE Acu-Tone™ offers a distillation and integration of ancient healing modalities in modern day application, Yes, restore, renew, revitalize, is your invitation to the ultimate in health, balanced energy and wellbeing.

Restoration is but an intention, a call away.

Rose Marie Raccioppi, MS FABI
Founder Director
APOGEE Acu-Tone™
Vibrational Sound Therapy
Tappan, New York