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IMPLOSION... the vortex of APOGEE Structured water... The Power of Water...

"Implosion is a suctional process that causes matter to move inwards, not outwards as in the case of explosion. This inward (centripetal) motion, however, does not follow a straight (radial) path to the centre, it follows a spiralling whirling path. This is called a vortex and is the secret of nature.

Have you ever wondered why bath water, when emptied, flows through the plug hole in this spiralling vortex fashion?

Water will always try to follow the path of least resistance. This is what the vortex is enabling it to do. It is reducing resistance by curving more and more inwards thereby avoiding the confrontational resistance of straight motion. This is the fundamental reason for the plug hole vortex phenomenon.

The Coriolus Effect due to the Earth’s rotation determines the direction of spin of large scale vortices. 

A characteristic feature of a vortex is that the outside of the vortex moves slowly and the centre moves fast. As water is imploded in a vortex, suspended particles, which are denser than water are sucked into the centre of flow, frictional resistance is reduced and the speed of the flow increased.

This was verified through experiments conducted by Professor Dr. Franz Pöpel at the Stuttgart Technical University in Germany in 1952 (Alexandersson, 1996; Coats 1996). 

The vortex motion, which also causes a drop in temperature and increase in density, is paramount for water to stay healthy and disease free. Natural water courses are naturally spiralling and meandering and the water in them forms whirls and eddies, which are vortices. The vortex motion can also be observed in whirl winds. The suctional force generated within tornadoes is typically strong enough to lift houses and uproot trees.In stark contrast to nature, the conventional technical motion along straight paths causes resistance to build up exponentially with speed. A small increase in speed causes a large increase in resistance. Pressure and temperature are increased. This means that the higher the speed the greater the losses to friction.In nature there are virtually no straight forms, and whenever possible, vortices, spirals and curves are produced to reduce resistance. Yet in conventional technology, explosion/combustion and straight motion are employed, both of which increase resistance and temperature and are fundamentally against nature and every living thing.

The realization of this caused the Austrian Viktor Schauberger, the father of implosion technology, to proclaim emphatically in the early part of this century:
"Our technologists are moving matter incorrectly. Their technologies and interference with nature is detrimental to us and our planet".
His maxim in life was "Understand and Copy Nature" (Coats, 1996).

There is another not so apparent reason, why in the natural world around us there are so many spirals, as can be seen in shell-fish, snails, antelope horns, on a small scale in our spiraling DNA molecule and on a large scale in spiraling cosmic nebulae."  

APOGEE Paradigm™

APOGEE Acu-Tone™ ~ Structured Water for Wellbeing
A vision, inspiration, research, exploration, discovery, experimentation, trial runs, documented results... YES, this the latest of APOGEE Acu-Tone™ offerings... I have put forth a propriety formula/process for structuring water for individual energetic needs... a prescriptive formula is determined by direct body biofeedback... your personally structured water to assure wellbeing. 

YES, a significant development with consistently outstanding results!! Structured water, crystal/mineral infused, restorative sound frequencies applied, and health giving benefits experienced!! Based upon a direct body biofeedback system, each prescriptive formulation is evaluated for your personal needs. Your body, your response, your wellbeing!! Inquiries welcomed. Personal evaluations arranged.

Call to schedule your personal assessment. The benefits of personally structured water are yours to enjoy.

A post... APOGEE Acu-Tone™ Living Water, and then a response... and so a Celebration complete... Thank You ..Steev Richter ~ A song that sings my heart... "The  Living Water Fountain Song": 

New research from the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart in Germany supports the theory that water has a memory:  

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A most interesting read: 
University of Colorado, BoulderCU Scholar
Undergraduate Honors Theses Honors Program
Spring 2014
Alternative Irrigation Methods: Structured Water in the context of a Growing Global Food Crisis due to Water Shortages
Fabian Ptok

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  1. The topic of (structured) water becoming popular and people are appreciating its many benefits. The only drawback may be that water structuring devices are expensive for most people and are left yearning for this water. These water vortexing devices are in the market and are beyond reach but there could be a temporary solution I just discovered myself.

    A few days back I watched a Youtube structured water video talking about DIY structuring water method. The person was using marbles. Me, I used small stones instead and 2 bottles, 2liters each. I run the water 4 times through the bottles and I get water with very noticeable structuring. The water tastes different, the texture is different it is like it is more dense or thick... when produces no scales when boiled.

    So this could be a temporary approach for people who cannot yet afford these water vortex devices... I hope this helps... try it...