Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Sounding the OM... as Spirit as Body... the Self be known...

SOUND as the Beginning... the BIG BANG, the WORD, the LOGOS, the FIRST CRY, the BREATH... SOUND/VIBRATION as THE ART of our BEING... The ASPIRATION, the REVELATION, the TRUTH.

Letters of an alphabet, be they configurations, yes, they are symbols that sound the body. Vowels,  be they the breath of the word, Consonants, be they the body of the word, spirit and matter in unison.

Familiar to many is OM… a vowel, a consonant. O is the vowel that opens the root energies, M is the consonant that moves the root energies. As one sounds an O, one can feel its presence, an opening, in the root chakra. As one sounds an M, one can feel the push, a movement, in the root chakra. Becoming fully aware and engaged in the experience of OM, gifts both the body and the spirit of BEING.

It has been put forth: 

"Seed mantras like OM are no ordinary words with dictionary definitions. These mantras are more about the vibrational content than the meaning. Frawley again: “Om is the Word of God.” The sound OM is a vibration from which all the manifest universe emanates. Form and creation comes from vibration. OM is the most elemental of vibrations. It is the sound of the void. Frawley says: “Om is the prime mantra of the Higher self, or Atman. It attunes us with our true nature. It is the sound of the creator, preserver and destroyer of the universe, who is also the inner guru and prime teacher. It reflects both the manifest and un-manifest Brahman, sustaining the vibration of being, life, and consciousness in all worlds and all creatures.”

Among the myriad of offerings of APOGEE Acu-Tone™ is learning how to focus energy to each energy center through breath, through sound, through color, through visualizations, through intention, and through the application of pure acoustic restorative frequencies. 

Yes, as stated:   “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” The very foundations of our Universe, of matter and thought, appear to lie in sound vibration. 
~ Nikola Tesla

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Resonance ~ Vibrancy ~ Renewed Vitality

"The Universe is not punishing you or blessing you. 
The Universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting."
Abraham Hicks

And so it is: 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Sounding the ALPHA and the OMEGA

Sounding the ALPHA and the OMEGA

The Crowning ~ the ALPHA ~ 
the first ~ Spirit's Call.  

The Manifestation ~ the OMEGA ~ 
the last ~ Eternal Life. 

I am the Alpha and the Omega, 
the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. 
Revelation 22:13 

The vowel of the crown chakra is  A the Alpha
The vowel of the root  chakra is  O… the Omega

A chant be the sounding of the vowels A ~ O
 the Beginning and the End as the expressive
Spirit, Eternity, Love, Freedom.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

For further discussion of the sounding of vowels and their significance:

The Egyptians believed that vowel sounds were sacred, so much so that their written hieroglyphic language contains no vowels. We can, therefore, safely conclude that vowel sound chant carried a powerful significance for their priests.   

Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Kybalion by Three Initiates [1912] ~ VIBRATION

APOGEE Acu-Tone™ Logo

"He who understands the Principle of Vibration, 
has grasped the scepter of Power."

Herein lies the accord of APOGEE Acu-Tone™ ... 
a modern day practice of Vibrational/Sound Therapy 
based upon ancient principles and laws of BEING.

The Kybalion  by Three Initiates



    "Nothing rests; everything moves; everything
    vibrates."--The Kybalion.

The great Third Hermetic Principle--the Principle of Vibration--embodies the truth that Motion is manifest in everything in the Universe--that nothing is at rest--that everything moves, vibrates, and circles. This Hermetic Principle was recognized by some of the early Greek philosophers who embodied it in their systems. But, then, for centuries it was lost sight of by the thinkers outside of the Hermetic ranks. But in the Nineteenth Century physical science re-discovered the truth and the Twentieth Century scientific discoveries have added additional proof of the correctness and truth of this centuries-old Hermetic doctrine.

The Hermetic Teachings are that not only is everything in constant movement and vibration, but that the "differences" between the various manifestations of the universal power are due entirely to the varying rate and mode of vibrations. Not only this, but that even THE ALL, in itself, manifests a constant vibration of such an infinite degree of intensity and rapid motion that it may be practically considered as at rest, the teachers directing the attention of the students to the fact that even on the physical plane a rapidly moving object (such as a revolving wheel) seems to be at rest. The Teachings are to the effect that Spirit is at one end of the Pole of Vibration, the other Pole being certain extremely gross forms of Matter. Between these two poles are millions upon millions of different rates and modes of vibration.

Modern Science has proven that all that we call Matter and Energy are but "modes of vibratory motion," and some of the more advanced scientists are rapidly moving toward the positions of the occultists who hold that the phenomena of Mind are likewise modes of vibration or motion. Let us see what science has to say regarding the question of vibrations in matter and energy.

In the first place, science teaches that all matter manifests, in some degree, the vibrations arising from temperature or heat. Be an object cold or hot--both being but degrees of the same things--it manifests certain heat vibrations, and in that sense is in motion and vibration. Then all particles of Matter are in circular movement, from corpuscle to suns. The planets revolve around suns, and many of them turn on their axes. The suns move around greater central points, and these are believed to move around still greater, and so on, ad infinitum. The molecules of which the particular kinds of Matter are composed are in a state of constant vibration and movement around each other and against each other. The molecules are composed of Atoms, which, likewise, are in a state of constant movement and vibration. The atoms are composed of Corpuscles, sometimes called "electrons," "ions," etc., which also are in a state of rapid motion, revolving around each other, and which manifest a very rapid state and mode of vibration. And, so we see that all forms of Matter manifest Vibration, in accordance with the Hermetic Principle of Vibration.

And so it is with the various forms of Energy. Science teaches that Light, Heat, Magnetism and Electricity are but forms of vibratory motion connected in some way with, and probably emanating from the Ether. Science does not as yet attempt to explain the nature of the phenomena known as Cohesion, which is the principle of Molecular Attraction; nor Chemical Affinity, which is the principle of Atomic Attraction; nor Gravitation (the greatest mystery of the three), which is the principle of attraction by which every particle or mass of Matter is bound to every other particle or mass. These three forms of Energy are not as yet understood by science, yet the writers incline to the opinion that these too are manifestations of some form of vibratory energy, a fact which the Hermetists have held and taught for ages past.

The Universal Ether, which is postulated by science without its nature being understood clearly, is held by the Hermetists to be but a higher manifestation of that which is erroneously called matter--that is to say, Matter at a higher degree of vibration--and is called by them "The Ethereal Substance." The Hermetists teach that this Ethereal Substance is of extreme tenuity and elasticity, and pervades universal space, serving as a medium of transmission of waves of vibratory energy, such as heat, light, electricity, magnetism, etc. The Teachings are that The Ethereal Substance is a connecting link between the forms of vibratory energy known as "Matter" on the one hand, and "Energy or Force" on the other; and also that it manifests a degree of vibration, in rate and mode, entirely its own.

Scientists have offered the illustration of a rapidly moving wheel, top, or cylinder, to show the effects of increasing rates of vibration. The illustration supposes a wheel, top, or revolving cylinder, running at a low rate of speed--we will call this revolving thing "the object" in following out the illustration. Let us suppose the object moving slowly. It may be seen readily, but no sound of its movement reaches the ear. The speed is gradually increased. In a few moments its movement becomes so rapid that a deep growl or low note may be heard. Then as the rate is increased the note rises one in the musical scale. Then, the motion being still further increased, the next highest note is distinguished. Then, one after another, all the notes of the musical scale appear, rising higher and higher as the motion is increased. Finally when the motions have reached a certain rate the final note perceptible to human ears is reached and the shrill, piercing shriek dies away, and silence follows. No sound is heard from the revolving object, the rate of motion being so high that the human ear cannot register the vibrations. Then comes the perception of rising degrees of Heat. Then after quite a time the eye catches a glimpse of the object becoming a dull dark reddish color. As the rate increases, the red becomes brighter. Then as the speed is increased, the red melts into an orange. Then the orange melts into a yellow. Then follow, successively, the shades of green, blue, indigo, and finally violet, as the rate of sped increases. Then the violet shades away, and all color disappears, the human eye not being able to register them. But there are invisible rays emanating from the revolving object, the rays that are used in photographing, and other subtle rays of light. Then begin to manifest the peculiar rays known as the "X Rays," etc., as the constitution of the object changes. Electricity and Magnetism are emitted when the appropriate rate of vibration is attained.

When the object reaches a certain rate of vibration its molecules disintegrate, and resolve themselves into the original elements or atoms. Then the atoms, following the Principle of Vibration, are separated into the countless corpuscles of which they are composed. And finally, even the corpuscles disappear and the object may be said to Be composed of The Ethereal Substance. Science does not dare to follow the illustration further, but the Hermetists teach that if the vibrations be continually increased the object would mount up the successive states of manifestation and would in turn manifest the various mental stages, and then on Spiritward, until it would finally re-enter THE ALL, which is Absolute Spirit. The "object," however, would have ceased to be an "object" long before the stage of Ethereal Substance was reached, but otherwise the illustration is correct inasmuch as it shows the effect of constantly increased rates and modes of vibration. It must be remembered, in the above illustration, that at the stages at which the "object" throws off vibrations of light, heat, etc., it is not actually "resolved" into those forms of energy (which are much higher in the scale), but simply that it reaches a degree of vibration in which those forms of energy are liberated, in a degree, from the confining influences of its molecules, atoms and corpuscles, as the case may be. These forms of energy, although much higher in the scale than matter, are imprisoned and confined in the material combinations, by reason of the energies manifesting through, and using material forms, but thus becoming entangled and confined in their creations of material forms, which, to an extent, is true of all creations, the creating force becoming involved in its creation.

But the Hermetic Teachings go much further than do those of modern science. They teach that all manifestation of thought, emotion, reason, will or desire, or any mental state or condition, are accompanied by vibrations, a portion of which are thrown off and which tend to affect the minds of other persons by "induction." This is the principle which produces the phenomena of "telepathy"; mental influence, and other forms of the action and power of mind over mind, with which the general public is rapidly becoming acquainted, owing to the wide dissemination of occult knowledge by the various schools, cults and teachers along these lines at this time.

Every thought, emotion or mental state has its corresponding rate and mode of vibration. And by an effort of the will of the person, or of other persons, these mental states may be reproduced, just as a musical tone may be reproduced by causing an instrument to vibrate at a certain rate--just as color may be reproduced in the same may. By a knowledge of the Principle of Vibration, as applied to Mental Phenomena, one may polarize his mind at any degree he wishes, thus gaining a perfect control over his mental states, moods, etc. In the same way he may affect the minds of others, producing the desired mental states in them. In short, he may be able to produce on the Mental Plane that which science produces on the Physical Plane--namely, "Vibrations at Will." This power of course may be acquired only by the proper instruction, exercises, practice, etc., the science being that of Mental Transmutation, one of the branches of the Hermetic Art.

A little reflection on what we have said will show the student that the Principle of Vibration underlies the wonderful phenomena of the power manifested by the Masters and Adepts, who are able to apparently set aside the Laws of Nature, but who, in reality, are simply using one law against another; one principle against others; and who accomplish their results by changing the vibrations of material objects, or forms of energy, and thus perform what are commonly called "miracles."

As one of the old Hermetic writers has truly said: "He who understands the Principle of Vibration, has grasped the scepter of Power."


An added word...
There is an art, there is a science, there is its expression… thought, vibration, sound, call to our consciousness, define our experiences, signal our cells, the very systems and organs that hold to life, BE it an idea, a word, an illusion, an impression, a truth, a falsehood, a vision, an aspiration, a knowing. We are to come to understand the matrix of feelings and consciousness in its myriad of expressions, be it of pain or joy,  faith or fear, acceptance or rejection of SELF.

APOGEE Paradigm™
APOGEE Acu-Tone™

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Resonance ~ Vibrancy ~ Renewed Vitality

"The Universe is not punishing you or blessing you. The Universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting."
Abraham Hicks

And so it is:

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Powerful and profound ~ Acu-Tone™ Governing Vessel Breath

Governing Vessel Meridian Points

The breath… be it known for its destined intention… to nourish, energize, restore, renew, the life force that sustains BEING. When revered, when we become one with its intention, we become a sustainer of energy, wellbeing and life itself.

In my studies and practices at the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science,  I came to marvel at our ability to direct our breath with mindful intention.  YES, we can be one with the intent of the breath, and bring sustaining power to every cell, every organ, every system. One of the offerings of APOGEE Acu-Tone™is the practice of the Acu-Tone™ Governing Vessel Breath. The centering strength it brings forth is ever delightfully welcomed by all who experience its profound effect.

The breath travels, with focused intention, through each point of the Governing Vessel Meridian, starting two inches below the navel, through to the base of the spine, up the spine, to the mid point of the crown on inhalation, and from the crown to the space below the nostrils on exhalation. Points as indicated on the illustration.

Specific sequences of the Acu-Tone™breath, along with visualizations, are offered for particular stress situations, allowing one to maintain composure and mindfulness.

Powerful and profound!!

For further discussion contact: 
Rose Marie Raccioppi, MS FABI
APOGEE Acu-Tone™
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Saturday, January 13, 2018



                              Deliverance... the call onto SELF, the first awakening upon birth. it as...

                              Harmony... the orchestration of the ALL

It IS. It IS ..the  Inspired Spirit of BEING.

Rose Marie Raccioppi
Poet Laureate
Orangetown, New York

Quietude, Watercolor, ©Rose Marie Raccioppi,


     Its splendor in silence known
          The pushing, the rhythmic sounding
               This, the giving, the receiving
                    The quest, the pursuit, inhalation
                         The faith, the trusting, exhalation
                              The first breath, birth in awakening
                                   The countless to follow in revelation
                                        Disciplined, focused, and power BE.
                                             Disciplined, focused, and power BE.

APOGEE Acu-Tone™
Breath Work Sessions
"The APOGEE Attunement™ experience begins with our own heartbeat and awareness of breath..."

Sunday, January 7, 2018

A shared accord ... SOUND/VIBRATION ... vibrant chord of BEING.

Indeed pleased to share this work, and delighted for the accord with APOGEE Acu-Tone™ ... SOUND/VIBRATION, the vibrant chord of cell communication, the basis for form, structure, balance and BEING.
APOGEE Acu-Tone™

Image Source:

Testing a 2,500 Year Old Pythagorean Hypothesis:

The Future of Sound and Music Therapy

Vibration exists at the heart of all matter in the universe. Every raindrop, crystal, rock, star, cell, plant, tree and creature is formed from matter that vibrates. Humans, therefore, are vibrational organisms and our flesh and blood consists of a delicate tracery of electromagnetic frequencies that harmonize with each other and manifest as the biological matter that comprises the components of our bodies. And like an orchestra in which the players tune their instruments to align with each other, living tissue, too, is held in an exquisitely harmonious balance. However, when disease or illness occurs it creates an imbalance in which one or more of the “players” in our cellular orchestra create discord and generate vibrations that are unnatural to our organism. This simple allegorical model contains important truths that we will discuss in detail in later articles on this subject. 
Before discussing the scientific underpinnings of this concept it is worth remembering that Pythagoras of Samos, the genius who gave the world his beautiful theorem—the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides—also believed that music could be used as medicine. One of his biographers, Iamblichus, writes, “Pythagoras was of the opinion that music contributed greatly to health, if used in an appropriate manner…[by using] music in the place of medicine.” 1 Today, music therapy is an established clinical discipline, widely used to assist people to overcome physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual challenges. Music therapy only partially validates Pythagoras’ belief because, returning to our orchestral model, what is less well known is that the individual frequencies within music can also support healing of the body. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Studies of the mechanisms by which music, and the individual frequencies within music, act as a form of medicine and are in their infancy, which is why we think it is important to put Pythagoras’ 2500-year old hypothesis to the test. The first step is to implement a series of experiments in which we will endeavor to reveal the validity of Pythagoras’ important premise.
The biological mechanism in our hypothesis concerns the Primary Cilia that are a vital feature of almost all cells.7 On the surface of most cells in our bodies are many projections known as Integral Membrane Proteins (IMP).8 They have many functions, including the transport of food into the cell and the excretion of waste, but one class of IMP’s, known as the Primary Cilia, are antenna-like structures that respond to infrared light as well as specific frequencies of sound. In a sense they act similar to tuning forks that have a particular resonant frequency and are maximally excited only at that specific frequency. In some categories of illness the cells of a particular bodily system become quiescent, for example, due to physical trauma, the invasion of a pathogen or the presence of a toxic substance. This quiescent state is known as the G-0 phase of the cell cycle in which the cells of a particular bodily system are effectively asleep and not replicating, which throws the body out of balance and therefore creates illness. Cells that are in this deep sleep condition can exist in that state for very long periods. To awaken the cells, sparking them into the G-1 phase in which the cell prepares for replication, the medical literature suggests that either time (that is, more sleep) or nutrition is the required stimulus. 
However, in our hypothesis, sound of a specific frequency is able to energize the cell via the Primary Cilia. When sound enters tissue, a pattern of acoustic energy manifests on the surface membrane of every cell, known as a “cymatic pattern” or “Faraday Wave” pattern. In our studies we are beginning to reveal these patterns, which act on the IMP’s and in particular the Primary Cilia, stimulating the cells to support them to move from the G-0 phase to the G-1 phase and ultimately back to a healthy state. 
We filmed sound manifesting as cymatic patterns on the surface of microscopic water droplets, which can be viewed in this video. Whenever we are immersed in sound the membranes of our cells and visceral waters receive beautiful patterns, provided the sound is harmonious to our ears. Loud and dissonant sounds create skewed, subjectively ugly, patterns within our bodies. This raises the question: how do our cells respond to beautiful versus ugy sounds and their respective patterns? 
Of particular note is that although the droplets are in very close proximity to each other (the entire field is only 4mm or 0.16 inch across) you will see that various sizes of droplets respond to the sound differently, suggesting that resonance may play a major role in the ability of cells to absorb acoustic energy. Therefore, with Primary Cilia we expect the same laws of resonance to apply: it will be important to inject the correct acoustic frequency to promote cellular division and stimulate a therapeutic effect. In our proposed experiment with blood we plan to test a wide range of frequencies and genres of music, to see which promote longevity. 
Other studies that point to the role of high frequency sound—ultrasound—in stimulating cellular division, concern ‘organogenesis’, the name given to the creation of new leaves, flowers and stems in plants. In the presence of low ultrasound the rate of growth can be several times greater than without sound

9, 10 An interesting aside to plant growth stimulated by sound is that of bird song and “psithurism,” the sound of wind in the trees. Many birds sing in low ultrasound ranges, typically up to 60 kHz, which is more than three times higher than the highest frequency that humans can hear. 

The sound of the wind in the trees is a form of noise that also contains low ultrasound. We wonder if a latent ecosystem exists between bird song, psithurism and plant growth? An interesting hypothesis that we believe is worthy of future research.
In conclusion, with your help, testing a 2,500-year old Pythagorean hypothesis could lead to a bright future for sound and music therapy, a future that could alleviate many illnesses without ingesting substances that are foreign to our bodies. To donate to the experiment please follow this link: 

1. Iamblichus’ Life of Pythagoras. Inner Traditions International Ltd, page 59.

11. Dyson, M. Mechanisms involved in therapeutic ultrasound. Physiotherapy 73(3):116-120, 1987. 
12. Dyson, M., Luke, D.A.: Induction of mast cell degranulation in skin by ultrasound, IEEE Trans. Ultrasonics. Ferroelectrics Frequency Control UFFC-33:194, 1986. 
13. Hogan, R.D., Burke, K.M., and Franklin, T.D.: The effect of ultrasound on microvascular hemodynamics in skeletal muscle: effects during ischemia, Microvasc. Res. 23:370, 1982. 
14. Pilla, A.A., Figueiredo, M., Nasser, P., et al: Non-invasive low intensity pulsed ultrasound: a potent accelerator of bone repair, Proceedings of the 36th Annual Meeting, Orthopaedic Research Society, New Orleans, 1990.

Yesterday at 7:52am

Dear friends, as many of you know, 20 years ago I had a profound experience in the Great Pyramid of Egypt, when conducting acoustics experiments. I went in in extreme pain, due to a back injury that had occurred three weeks earlier, and within 20 minutes of beginning the experiment, involving generating sound in the chamber, all the pain in my back left me, so much so that I was able to help carry out the equipment with no pain at all. During those 20 years I have never let go of the belief that sound created a transformation in my body, not only mediating the pain but also healing the damaged tissues. I knew then and I know now that sound is a powerful therapeutic modality that can help our world. I have continued to research the mechanisms that underpin sound therapy and now my colleagues and I are close to reaching our crowd funding goal to run a series of experiments in which human blood will be exposed to a range of sounds. These will include music of various genres, including popular music and classical music. Other sounds to be tested will include Cyma Technologies sound therapy device codes and several well known frequencies associated with healing, such as 432 Hz and 528 Hz. If you would like to be part of an important contribution to science and medicine please read on for a wonderful opportunity. This research project is a collaboration between, who's mission is to advance cymatic science,, who support music and science innovation, and, who are dedicated to diffusing natural health knowledge. The link to our Music-Blood experiment is at the end of this posting.
Vibration exists at the heart of all matter in the universe. Every raindrop, crystal, rock, star, cell, plant, tree and creature is formed from matter that vibrates. Humans, therefore, are vibrational organisms and our flesh and blood consists of a delicate tracery of electromagnetic frequencies that harmonize with each other and manifest as the biological matter that comprises the components of our bodies. And like an orchestra in which the players tune their instruments to align with each other, living tissue, too, is held in an exquisitely harmonious balance. However, when disease or illness occurs it creates an imbalance in which one or more of the “players” in our cellular orchestra create discord and generate vibrations that are unnatural to our organism. This simple allegorical model contains important truths that we will discuss in detail in later articles on this subject.

2018 is the 100th anniversary of Debussy's passing and we decided to honor his life and genius in two ways. First, with with release of the full length version of his much-loved 'Clair de Lune', made visible with a CymaScope instrument. This exciting new technology imprints music onto the surface and sub surface of pure water, rendering beautiful music as beautiful geometry. Second, because many people believe that Clair de Lune has healing qualities, Debussy's sublime music will be put to the test and will be one of very few classical music pieces chosen for the experiments. We hypothesise that human blood cells will live longer when exposed to certain soundscapes, versus control samples of blood living in relative silence.

If you would like to be part of an important contribution to science and medicine please visit our Experiment page:
Our Clair de Lune made visible can be viewed at:
Clair de Lune--made visible with CymaScope
Debussy's much-loved 'Clair de Lune' is the first ever music…