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Words and Their Effect on our DNA ... the frequencies of conscious thought...

"For centuries, spiritual teachers and yogi gurus believed that our bodies are programmable by language and thoughts. For one, they taught us that meditations cause inner healing and open up our minds to higher levels of consciousness. They also taught us that constant affirmations can change our energies.

In the study of spirituality, language is a powerful tool not only in meditation and affirmations but also in other spiritual methods especially in hypnosis.
Recently, a group of Russian scientists and linguists delved into the study of the human DNA and what they found out supports the concept that language truly has an effect on our bodies that goes beyond the aspects of psychology.
Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajrev and his team studied the dominant part of our DNA which is considered as “junk DNA.” According to Science, only 10% of our DNA is used to build proteins. This means that only 10% of our DNA is utilized for the construction of our human bodies leaving the 90% as useless or “junk DNA.” Garjajrev believed that this prevalent part of our DNA is there for a purpose. He presupposed that the 90% is used for data storage and in communication.
They discovered that 90% of our DNA has a linguistic purpose. It contains natural grammar that has set rules just like the different human languages that we are using now. This explains that human languages did not just appear spontaneously. Instead, they are a product of what lies in the 90% of our DNA. The dominant part after all, is not simply just “junk DNA” but it plays a big role in communication.
Furthermore, Garjajrev analyzed the vibrational behavior of the said “junk DNA.” He experimented on what forms of energy does this part of the DNA reacts to and how it reacts. What they found out was fascinating. 90% of our DNA reacts with a certain kind of frequency; one that has language features. This means that a big part of our DNA will react to language in the form of modulated laser rays that they used during their experiment or to radio waves like the ones found in our voices.
Through their experimentation, Garjajrev and his team came to the conclusion that our DNA can be modified without cutting out or replacing any gene. We can modify it through radio waves in the form of our words. Such form of energy might not produce results as strong and immediate as produced by a modulated laser ray but with constant application, it will create a change in our DNA.
Likewise, the same researchers also discover that a change in our DNA can cause wormholes. Wormholes are microscopic equivalents of black holes and they also have the same qualities. They serve as “holes” or “bridges” to other universes or dimensions and facilitate an exchange of information through time in space. These information then are absorbed by the “junk DNA” and causes DNA modification. This discovery displays the data storage capacity of the 90% of our DNA.
In connection with the study of spirituality, the data received from other dimensions are the impressions that we obtain from the spiritual realm and such impressions create a change in us. An example of these changes include the acquisition of psychic intuition or inner healing.
A lot of people think that the fields of Science and spirituality contradict each other but this recent study just proves to us that such belief is far from true." *
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An Added WORD...

As a Poet Laureate and a Sound Therapist, what is put forth in this article is in direct accord with personally and professionally held orientations and perspectives. Living language, as I do, has a profound effect on my very BEING, and on the children, adults and families I am privileged to have as students and clients.  Every consonant is of the body, every vowel is of the breath. Every word speaks its intention, its experience, and signals each cell with its vibration and frequencies.  Words, be they thoughts, be they spoken, be they sung, be they chanted, are vibratory realities that are cause and effect simultaneously. 

Through the use of direct biofeedback, via kinesiology evaluation, one can bring the effect of a word into greater awareness. How a particular word effects energy is related to the association held, the experiences associated with the word, the related meaning (concept) and the tonal quality of delivery.

Yes, WORD... the Wondrous, the Omnipresence, the Revelation, the Divine... in its sounding call.

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  1. W O R D S... be they in thought, symbols upon a page, spoken, whispered, shouted, written, sung, are VIBRATIONS that signal the cells of our body, effecting cell communication and our state of BEING. As a POET, I have come to embrace the Passion, the Omnipresence, the Evolutionary, the Truth, of our perceptions and the words we hold true. As a Vibrational Therapist, I have come to deeply appreciate the effects of words in initiating states of dissonance or harmony.

    Here posted is an excerpt from an article that indeed is reflective of such shared perspectives: "If negative words are a disaster for our mind, health and relationships, the opposite is also true of optimistic language. When we hold a positive word in our mind the frontal lobe is stimulated. This is the region of the brain responsible for higher mental processes like thinking, decision making and planning — it also includes specific language centers that are linked directly to the motor cortex that moves you into action. On top of that, the longer you focus on positive words, the more other areas of the brain are influenced. You begin to change the perception of yourself and others. And you build resiliency to life’s trials and tribulations."
    "As you begin to see yourself in a positive light, it will create a bias toward seeing the good in others. In contrast, negative words create a poor self-image which cultivates suspicion and doubt. “Over time the structure of your thalamus will also change in response to your conscious words, thoughts, and feelings, and we believe that the thalamic changes affect the way in which you perceive reality,” said the authors.

    In closing, they add:"
    “Our advice: choose your words wisely and speak them slowly. This will allow you to interrupt the brain’s propensity to be negative, and as recent research has shown, the mere repetition of positive words like love, peace, and compassion will turn on specific genes that lower your physical and emotional stress. You’ll feel better, you’ll live longer, and you’ll build deeper and more trusting relationships with others—at home and at work.”…/how-words-rewire-our-brains-for-…/