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How to overcome PTSD with APOGEE Acu-Tone™ Carl Florin C.Nth

How to overcome PTSD 
with APOGEE Acu-Tone™ 
Carl Florin C.Nth

Powerful experiences may remain long after the event, starting because we receive a shock when our state has already been compromised. We need a special process that can bring us to that state where the impression may emerge to be digested.
If we can see how the impression is formed it is not possible to at the same time be “identified with it”. Otherwise the impression becomes like a key that compels you to re-experience a past event. This is important  to realize with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder),  because if we could go back in time to actually see how this experience effected our whole being, only our observer would remain.  This observer is now literally above the process of perception, slowing it down to watch it as it moves into and effects the whole body. (One might say the observer is a much higher vibration. This beckons the question of how to identify with my observer ? and in turn beckons how do I raise my vibration to reach presence from where I am, what must I sacrifice or do? )  It is as if now one is sitting in the audience of one's life rather than being trapped on stage to play our script. In such a case the traumatic experience is restricted to the stage, no matter how terrible. From this vantage it is easily processed without any residual effects. That is why when we are in a compromised state at the time of perceiving, we lose our position in the audience. From that moment we are pulled down the rabbit hole and we appear to remain trapped on stage. Either in limbo or until a new audience summons the play again, our roles are set into motion and with it the same past experience rises to fill us again. 
What is a compromised state? What does it mean to be vulnerable to impressions? The audience too forms a body, all its parts form an orchestra of observation. If the different parts of the body, the audience, are not of one mind anyone may become lost in the play, and may find oneself lost in it like a dream.  Engaged in this way, the play does not invigorate, but instead produces a spell that entrances the viewer. It haunts his life even after he leaves the play. He acts it out without realizing it.  So we learn then that when the body is not of one mind, when its parts are not brought into a harmonious discourse, our attention is passive and we are compromised. It is a subtle point no one thinks of, but the audience is active together. Participating and listening they exchange something invisible but alive with their fellow audience. How do we exchange with others in our life to keep our attention kindled and alive?          
Analogously these traumatic experiences live on to remain as a program stored in the body that may be retriggered at any time.  However, by the same principle a way is indicated to show how it can be released. This particular state of observation that prevents negative storing also releases the repeating past. It is a special state of presence that requires a special condition –something that “re-circuits” the body.  For the body to be one, the “audience” must be in attentive communion.  By understanding how to engage this presence, we may free ourselves of this repeating scene. We are prepared for a future of totally new experiences without vulnerability to falling into yet another repeating scene. This freedom to live,  is free of the past.
APOGEE Acu-Tonerepresents such a method where we are free to observe ourselves with such a presence so as to put the past in its place.  This system is a highly specialized healing technology which engenders this special state of observation by entraining new circuits with sound. When the whole that emerges experiences itself, it expresses the present observational state. It is this condition that enables the release of past traumatic memories to be processed so we are free of their influence. 

Carl Florin C.Nth
Biofeedback & Neurofeedback 
Human Performance Specialist
Biofeedback-assisted meditation

The story of one who has lived the ravages of war and the horrors of PTSD, he is indeed a hero among us ...  Blue Suburban Skies: Combat: life and death in Vietnam

Today, Veterans Day, gives special meaning to the words THANK YOU ... for it is life given and freedoms won that we hold in gratitude. What is endured by our Veterans can only be known by them. We are to embrace their needs and provide the ultimate of understanding and support for their return home.

PTSD is real. Treatment has to be lovingly humanistic and holistic. Veterans deserve more than drugs to ease their pain and gain needed relief from their endured stressors. For the last twelve years, since 911, I have devoted my focus to the underpinnings of PTSD, research, experimentation, testing and documentation, have come forth. A new offering prevails.  Rose Marie Raccioppi

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