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The Warriors of the Rainbow Prophecy | Ancient Origins

It is the ALL of commune... each image here presented offers a demarcation of the facial meridian pathways that are the receptors for restorative frequencies...  this the offering of APOGEE Acu-Tone™ ... Restorative Frequencies to bring energies in balance, the root of wellbeing... The wisdom of, The Warriors of the Rainbow, in present day practice: APOGEE Acu-Tone™ ~ Vibrational Sound Therapy: Facial Vibrancy ~ APOGEE Acu-Tone™ ~ The Sphenoid Bone ~

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A Revolutionary Energy Balancing Paradigm.
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Resonance ~ Vibrancy ~ Renewed Vitality

Experience each meaning... APOGEE Acu-Tone™ Facial Vibrancy 

New Oxford American Dictionary

resonance ~ ˈrezənəns

• Figurative the ability to evoke or suggest images, memories, and emotions.

• Physics the reinforcement or prolongation of sound by reflection from a surface or by the synchronous vibration of a neighboring object.

• Mechanics the condition in which an object or system is subjected to an oscillating force having a frequency close to its own natural frequency.

• Physics the condition in which an electric circuit or device produces the largest possible response to an applied oscillating signal,  esp. when its inductive and its capacitative reactances are balanced.

• Physics a short-lived subatomic particle that is an excited state of a more stable particle.

• Astronomy the occurrence of a simple ratio between the periods of revolution of two bodies about a single primary.

• Chemistry the state attributed to certain molecules of having a structure that cannot adequately be represented by a single structural formula but is a composite of two or more structures of higher energy.

ORIGIN late Middle English : from Old French, from Latin resonantia ‘echo,’ from resonare ‘resound’.

vibrant ~ ˈvībrənt

•full of energy and enthusiasm 
• quivering; pulsating 
• (of color) bright and striking
• (of sound) strong or resonating 
vibrancy |-brənsē| 

ORIGIN early 17th cent. (in the sense [moving rapidly, vibrating] ): from Latin vibrant- ‘shaking to and fro,’ from the verb vibrare.

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