Saturday, March 18, 2017

Smudging with S O U N D ....

Smudging is the ritualistic burning of herbs and plant resins in a shell or clay bowl while prayers of gratitude and wellbeing are said aloud. The smoke is traditionally fanned using the hand or a feather and directed over a person or throughout a living space. The purpose is to wash away impurities, sadness, anxieties, dark thoughts and any unwanted energies or emotions that may be clinging to a space or individual.
The feel of a space is changed. The energy feels different. There is a different vibration that comes to fill the room. This with smudging, this with sound showering. By showering a room with specific frequencies, the feel and the vibration of a room/space/home can be transformed to one of balance, bringing a sense of harmony and calm. So pleased to offer this as one of the many benefits of an APOGEE Acu-Tone™ experience.

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APOGEE Acu-Tone™ ~ Vibrational Sound Therapy: What is known ~ what is applied ~ Vibration and the APOGEE Acu-Tone™ Paradigm
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