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Expressed appreciation… a family affair... right intentions in fulfillment...

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I am indeed pleased to share a testimonial… YES, Transformation for the GOOD of self and family… there is a science, there is an art, there is a spirit, that is alchemic… a transformative power … this the science, the art, the spirit of the APOGEE Paradigm™.

It is ever an honor to have a testimonial speak to right intentions in fulfillment. This statement is of one who has chosen to be awakened to SELF. Yes, awakened to Spirit, Evolution, Love, Freedom.

Rose Marie Raccioppi, MS FABI
Founder Director
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Expressed appreciation… a family affair

I was introduced to APOGEE Learning™ and Rose Marie Raccioppi, MS FABI,  after the loss of my brother, and three years prior my mother, both sudden deaths.  I was lost and felt very broken.  I had seen doctors and counselors all of whom prescribed medication over and over.  I felt nothing was working, and I knew in my heart the medication was causing more harm than good.  I was approached by a family member with sincere concern for my overall well-being.   She made an appointment for me to meet with Rose Marie.  

Upon my first visit I immediately knew I was in the right place.  I finally had hope – I quickly learned thru Rose Marie, hope is in fact not what I had, it was more than hope – it was a belief, a goal and a plan.  I knew without doubt, after a few more visits, that I was learning to understand and process all my feelings in a healthy way.  My life literally changed, as simple as that.  I knew quickly that my change within was something that I wanted for my children.  

At the same time I was suffering, my son was in 3rd grade and vomited each morning before school.  He suffered from high anxiety, I believe from the losses we as a family were dealing with, as well as my inability to process it all in a healthy way.  I knew Rose Marie would be able to help my son.  After a few visits, daily phone conversations, and a Tiger Iron stone she gifted him with, that he kept in his pocket, he transformed right before my eyes into a confident kid who loves going to school. He has many friends who he enjoys spending time with both at home and at their house (before this he never went to friends’ houses).  It was honestly a blessing and a miracle how quickly he changed.  Each day we have seen change in him, seen the light grow brighter in his eyes.  

My daughter is an active cheerleader with tumbling as her passion.  She had surgery on her knee a few years ago, and as she continued to cheer and tumble her knee would get swollen and hurt.  I brought her to see Rose Marie one day after practice and showed her the knee (which was very swollen) and my daughter explained about the pain.  Rose Marie brought her upstairs for an Acu-Tone™ sound therapy session. When they came down, the swelling was gone as well as the pain, completely gone, and she has not experienced any pain or swelling since, at all.    

Thankful is an understatement for my feelings to Rose Marie.  I know she has changed my life and my family’s lives.  I always knew there was more out there – more effective ways for a happy and healthier life and Rose Marie guided me to it.  

Reading Rose Marie’s poetry allows me to feel enlightened and that I am continuing my journey even when I do not visit. A quote...

"…And I in freedom and light cease to be somewhere lost in the shadow of me.  Guided by TRUTH and God’s loving care.  Stand I free of longing and despair.” 
– Rose Marie Raccioppi

Christine Liptak
February 26, 2018

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Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

It is ever an honor to have a testimonial speak to right intentions in fulfillment. Christine's statement is of one who has chosen to be awakened to SELF. Yes, awakened to Spirit, Evolution, Love, Freedom ...

Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

And this FB comment in response to a post relating to the APOGEE Paradigm™ ...

Nancy Lawless Beautiful. Rose Marie, is always ahead of the curve on everything! I can attest to this since I have known her brilliance as a teenager and a reluctant adult. She introduced my entire family to her attunement system. We attended a sacred geometry lecture when I was a budding 17 years old. In short, Rose Marie is generous, timeless, and invincible. With love.

Rose Marie Raccioppi No less is my love and admiration for all that you have brought forth in so many ways spirited and blessed. You hold a special place in my heart called Nancy's place.

Nancy Lawless Thanks dear! Most people will probably never meet anyone as interesting, intelligent, insightful or dynamic!

Rose Marie Raccioppi Nancy Lawless Now that is sure a smile maker comment 💞.