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JUNE 2013 ~ Raise PTSD Awareness...

PTSD... drop the 'D' ... it is real...

A teen age boy breaks out in a cold sweat as the test booklets are handed out, feels a wave of nausea... another student feels panic each time he is called upon to read out loud, another student refuses to ever try out for a sports team.... a veteran dreads the feeling he has when the fireworks of July 4th go off... what is the common thread that weaves such responses... YES, Post Traumatic Stress... not a 'Disorder' but a compensatory mechanism that must be understood, supported and transformed. This the APOGEE Paradigm™ ... a systems approach that brings awareness, resolve and empowerment...all inquiries welcomed... all questions answered... APOGEE Learning: When Learning is a Sound Lesson. 

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A Revolutionary Energy Balancing Paradigm.
All inquiries welcomed ~ All questions answered

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An Added word...

Within the last few days and most recent hours,  I have posted several references to PTSD. As I hear many more of the stories told by our veterans, and meet face to face with those who have lived the ravages of the battle fields, I have come closer and closer to understanding the depths of consciousness that define the human condition. PTSD need not be a life sentence of confined horror housed within the hearts and minds of our veterans. I have suggested that the 'D' in PTSD be dropped. Post Traumatic Stress is not a 'Disorder' but a compensatory mechanism that must be understood, supported and transformed. For the last twelve years, since 9/11, I have devoted my focus to the underpinnings of PTS. Research, experimentation, testing and documentation, have come forth with a new offering based upon ancient tenets of Egyptian and Chinese healing modalities:  APOGEE Acu-Tone™ ~ Vibrational Sound Therapy... YES, Your interest, support and understanding are ever received with loving gratitude... All inquires most welcomed. 

Rose Marie Raccioppi

For Additional Information on PTSD:

Newsletters - Rockland County Veterans Service Agency

PTSD and the Family - NATIONAL CENTER for PTSD

The story of one who has lived the ravages of war and the horrors of PTSD, he is indeed a hero among us ...  Blue Suburban Skies: Combat: life and death in Vietnam


As reported in ROCK VETS: Newsletter: July, 2012. Volume 3, Issue 5:

Complimentary Initial Consultation Is Offered

There are many different ways to help people deal with the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress. Some of you may be interested in the following information about sound therapy as an alternative treatment for PTSD. It just might help. If you have questions or would like further information, please call Rose Marie Raccioppi at 845-359-9056. A free initial consultation is offered.

PTSD ~ A spectrum of pain... A Responsive Paradigm

What is not in this moment, seen or heard, can yet be known and deeply felt. What is felt is the aftermath of an impression, a reference point, a memory. And so as we encounter each moment, we come to live the ongoing effect of our experiences, be they of joy or pain. We live within a spectrum of PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Deep within the consciousness lies the sounding call, the vibration that draws to itself the original experience. This vibratory connection within the memory of each cell must be fully understood. This is the paradigm of APOGEE Acu-Tone™ fully applied. To restructure the associated consciousness, to reeducate/rehabilitate the cell signaling, to bring forward a commanding awareness, to reduce the associated stress, to align energies for responsive well-being, this the intent and documented benefits of the vibrational/sound therapy program, APOGEE Acu-Tone™. Your inquiries are welcomed. Your questions will be answered. A free initial consultation is offered. E-mail: or Visit: 

Call: Toll Free: 1- 866-ACU-TONE (1-866-228-8663) Local: 845-359-9056.
Rose Marie Raccioppi, MS FABI, Founder/Director APOGEE Acu-Tone™ Tappan, New York

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