Friday, September 27, 2013

In Response to ongoing requests ~ Sound and the Spectrum of Consciousness...

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  1. A Post... an invitation... Thank You Patti for your shared perspectives...

    Patti Pistis Kelly

    Sound and the Spectrum of Consciousness. Something that truly fascinates me and perhaps you too- atleast it's something we can all relate to whether it is music, an obnoxious lawn mower, a baby's cry, a windy day, or the language we speak sound is a vital and integral aspect of the lives we live and influences us in many ways more than most of us today may realize as in the cellular chemical levels of our being and through the psychological, emotional, spiritual and beyond. Knowing the deep influence of sound in our lives through our own experience, and having the gifts of science to demonstrate sounds more tangible influence, we have the ability to use the powerful vibrational force of sound to consciously create and live in greater harmony with our self, our friends, families, environments and all that is. That being said, YOU are invited to the workshop Sound and the Spectrum of Consciousness that will be given by Rose Marie Raccioppi, a woman, a healer, a mother, a teacher, a mentor, and dear friend of mine, who's life's work and passion has been centered around this very topic. Please come if you wish to explore further, gain appreciation of, and deeper understanding of the beautiful gift of sound. I hope to see you there! :)