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This is my write up of what I have discovered through the WINNING WARRIOR Program, I hope that you ENJOY these words, for without the help of you, they may have never been written. And I may have never been me. 

Much LOVE to you, Rose Marie.


Before I begin to address what I have learned through my teachings of the seven point WINNING WARRIOR program, I must first say that what I have gained from this learning experience is much greater than what can be summed up in seven points. Through my teachings of this program I have begun to have a profound sense of not only self, and who I am as a person; but a much deeper understanding and awareness of what I can do as a person.  I now fully understand that there is nothing that I cannot Be, Do, or Have. Yes, it is true that through this learning process you will cover a wide variety of topics that are essential for one to ascend and become the highest version of themselves, but ultimately I believe that it is through these seven different points that you develop a grand understanding of the bigger picture that is SELF. To understand the whole, you must know the parts, and to understand the parts; one must know the whole. This is a prime understanding of one way that the WINNING WARRIOR Program works. Once you understand the many different aspects of what creates a harmonious existence, do you truly begin to realize your human potential and ability to be the co-creator of your reality; as above – so below. 

My experience of the seven different program points.

1.     The Basis for Health and Vitality – One of the most important things I have learned from the understanding of what the basis for health and vitality is, is that if you truly wish to keep a healthy body; one must cultivate a healthy mind.  “Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds, you can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.” If we constantly chose to have negative thoughts or make negative decisions that don’t serve our highest purpose, than these thoughts will echo into our life and shape our reality.  Aside from what consequences, or awards, we receive from making a conscious effort to be the observer of our own thoughts, we must also come to realize that taking care of our bodies properly should be of upmost importance. We must not neglect our bodies for we are only given one during this lifetime, and if you wish to live in harmony; your health should be of great concern. If you are out of balance, your body will always find a way of letting you know in many subtle, or, screaming ways.

2.     Breath, Power and Focus – I have come to find that if one has control over their breath, one has control over their emotions; and ultimately their own life.  I have found out that how one breathes is crucial in maintaining a myriad of different things. Being aware of how you are breathing under certain circumstances, has the power and potential of shaping how you react in any given situation and what the outcome is. Our breath is the very instrument that orchestrates our lives. Very simply put, the way we breathe is what gives us life. It enables us to view things much more clearly, and allows us to stay focused. Its very power is what sends all of the body’s internal messages to each and every cell within us, signaling life. Once you begin to realize how powerful proper breathing is, you will come to realize the power that you have within yourself to face all of life’s challenges. Stay focused on your breathing, and you will find out a lot about yourself. Breathe properly, and you will see that whether or not you are to be thrown out of balance by any person or situation; is ultimately up to you. You have the POWER, but you must FOCUS; and BREATHE. To breath fully at any moment, is to live life fully in the moment. And when you live life completely in the moment, you will understand just how joyful life is; and the perfectness of where you are.

3.     Intention, Attention, and Perseverance – Placing your attention on what your intentions are, will effortlessly bring forth what is that you desire in life. We often refer to someone who has good intentions as being a thoughtful, caring, and great human being. This relates back to the Law of Attraction, if you wish to make a change in your life, you must first declare what your intentions are for making that change. By focusing your attention on it, and by staying in the vibration of what it is that you are asking for; you will come to find out that what you are asking for will always manifest. By vibration, I mean, tuned in to that same mindset for which you intend to happen! If we want to hear a specific type of music being played in our car, we change the radio station. Our minds are no different, if you wish to receive a specific outcome in life, you must change your intentions to receive the desired outcome; BUT YOU MUST stay in the present. Your intent is for the future, but your attention must be in the present. Your intentions are like the road map for which direction you chose to travel in, but you will never get where you desire to go if you do not pay attention to where you are presently heading!  If your intention is to make it to work on time, and you really mean it, you will place your attention on doing everything possible in order to manifest this outcome. Ultimately, you will PERSERVERE. Perseverance comes from having the right intentions, and focusing on that feeling of what it is that you wish to happen. Change the signal that you’re putting out into the world, so that you can change your life for the better.

4.     Exercises – Readiness for Action  - All of the exercises that I have learned through this winning warrior program have benefited me greatly. They have allowed me to stay in balance, or let me know when I have come out of balance. These exercises (which I cannot share all of them with you) have ultimately helped me maintain my sense of self, and have given me the power to come out of all negative and stressful situations that might typically make someone feel frustrated, angry, and worn out very calm and relaxed. I understand that in order to be able to give 100% of myself, I must be 100% of myself at all times. These exercises allow me to do just that, to be able to lend a hand, or face any situation; without feeling like I have just ran a marathon. By being given these tools, I have been given the ability to give myself to others, without having to sacrifice parts of myself. This is crucial to becoming a WINNING WARRIOR.

5.     Learning and integrative approachBeat the Barriers – yes, it is indeed true that life is full of obstacles. The difference now is that I view every challenge, past, present, and future; as being an absolute blessing and opportunity for me to grow. I no longer believe in coincidence, there is only synchronicity. So if life comes knocking on my door and presents me with a challenge, I know that there is ALWAYS something I can do to face and overcome that challenge; and that there is ALWAYS a lesson to be learned in the process! Being able to have the knowledge, strength, and wisdom to beat the barriers that stand in your way is key in becoming a Winning Warrior. The Winning Warrior knows that there is nothing he cannot do, and that the only true obstacle in ones live is SELF. This is why it is so important to KNOW THYSELF. If one wishes to bring order to the world, one must seek the chaos within; for ones life is no more than the extension of self.  From this point of view, we can see that darkness is nothing more than the absence of light, and “darkness cannot drive out darkness;” so therefore the only way to beat the barriers in ones life is to shine the LIGHT on them. If we want to release the hold that other people have on our lives we must either do something, realize something, or come to terms with something. But no matter what it is that we have to do in order to create harmony within ourselves, we must do it out of LOVE, FORGIVENESS, and ACCEPTANCE. LOVE is the most powerful weapon in the world. It is through the power and connection of LOVE that brings people together, builds relationships, builds bridges, creates opportunity, what allows us to express and realize our passions; and it is through LOVE that we will heal ourselves and the people around us. It is thanks to the WINNING WARRIOR program that I have understand the power of love, and the power that it has to heal. Learning this integrative approach has indeed allowed me to beat the barriers and once again, live from the heart.

6.     Communication and Creativity – An interesting thing began happening to me during this process, it’s almost like the creative child within me started to come out again. I now find myself always drawing, writing meaningful works of poetry, and wanting to play any instrument I can get my hands on; even though I haven’t learned how to play anything! I simply feel the music, and follow the direction in which my hands want me to go. I can now see and feel the beauty of art and its many forms, how art and music allow us to express ourselves without the use of words. Sometimes it is just best to feel.  This amazing sense of self-expression and the ability to create with words and sounds now flows within me. I now understand the meaning and power of human communication, and just how important it really is. What is more beautiful than connecting with another human being? I have realized that everyone I meet has something to say, a word of wisdom, or story that is moving and powerful. We can learn so much from others if we simply just listened, but not just listened to what they have to say, but listen to what they truly mean. All of this is possible, but you must realize the connection we all have to each other, so we can understand the beauty of interaction. Learning to communicate with people is very important, especially how to communicate with those that make us feel unworthy, sad, and frustrated. You must realize that what people think of you is only a matter of their projected reality, and what they say is only true if you agree with it! When I now communicate with these people who used to make me feel this way, I do not see these feelings of unworthiness in myself; but within the person speaking these words. The great Tibetan author, Thich Nhat Hanh, would tell you “When another person makes you suffer, it is because he suffers deeply within himself, and his suffering is spilling over. He does not need punishment; he needs help.”  During this program I was given the gift of being able to hear the truth behind what one is communicating. But you must pay very close attention, for the true message that is being sent, is very subtle. Communication and creativity, these two combined allow the very expression of self.

7.     The SELF defined – The self as defined… S pirit – E ternal – L ove – F aith.  It is very clear to see after reading this that the key to becoming a winning warrior, is to find your SELF. It is to find the eternal spirit, to feel and give love that you have within you, and to have the knowingness and the faith of the perfectness of where you are. Finding your SELF is an extremely powerful feeling; it is confident, compassion, awareness and an understanding of each other with the lack of an egotistical mind. Through the WINNING WARRIOR program I have experienced all of this, it is almost like I have been given a fresh set of new eyes. I now see through the veil of greed, unworthiness, shame, pride, anger, and defeat that I once could only see. It is through great vulnerability that I have found my strength and SELF.  In order for one to become the highest version of themselves, one must understand their weaknesses first.  Vulnerability has led me to humility, and a certain humbleness that can only be learned through personal experience; not taught. Feeling vulnerable is a beautiful thing, it is being unapologetically who you are; it is an expression that words could never describe. It is that same vulnerability that has led me to BE my very SELF. If I wasn’t willing to do so much self reflecting, if I wasn’t willing to allow change to take place in my life,  no matter how drastic and abrupt, if I wasn’t willing to put myself out into the world to seek the wisdom of others, be open to criticism, no matter how harsh, drop my pride and allow myself to believe in some things that I couldn’t explain or prove, accept myself, LOVE myself and ultimately BE my SELF; I do not know where I would be.

I have the power. I chose my own path. I heal myself. I create my reality. I take responsibility for my life and who I am. I am in control. I am a WINNING WARRIOR and above everything else; I AM. This is me 100%, and this is only the beginning of my journey. It is my postulate to help inspire others so that they can come back to the realization of who they truly are, and so that one day you too, may find your “I AM.” This is life of the WINNNG WARRIOR
With Love,
                  Eric Alan Toher

Eric Toher, Your perspectives and service offerings are most welcomed. 

Lately I've been getting a lot of questions about what Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is, so I figured it was only right to post something about it to help answer some of those questions. ...

September 10, 2015

Eric Toher at Harriman State Park
Woke up early this morning to catch the rising sun 🌄. Spent my time listening to the rain and hanging with a few fish. Even though I was by myself, I did not feel alone. "If you go off into a far forest and get very quiet, you'll come to understand that you're connected with everything."
Sky above - Earth below - Peace within

After many months of self work, inner reflection, and change; I have been bestowed upon me the symbol of the Winning Warrior, and proclaimed a Winning Warrior myself. In this post I have shared with you the final Paper I have written in my last task of obtaining this achievement. The contents included in this paper are the highest expression of what it is that I believe to be true in life, and in myself as well. This paper is who I AM, tested and proven. And it is also all that I have learned within the last 6 months. The willingness to search for, and BE ones SELF is no easy task, and I consider this to be a true Graduation to becoming ONE with all that is within me. I invite all to read this paper I am sharing, for within it is the expression of my heart, and truth of myself. I Hope it inspires you to find your own self as well. -- "KNOW THYSELF, as written on the forecourt of the temple of Apollo at delphi. You have opened the very portals of cohesive consciousness. Best ever unto you - Rose Marie Raccioppi Founder/Director." -- A huge thank you to my teacher for guiding me along the way. More work is to be done smile emoticonPAPER is on my blog. Link in my bio! smile emoticon much love to all!

The WARRIOR Within 

Pulsing sounding of heart
Breath and life ne’er depart
Reaching, grasping quest be known
The cry, the call for love be shown
Tenderness and care, constant be the refrain
Life and destiny calling its claim
Heed well the need, the desire
For expressed be the passion and fire
The questing soul holds to light divine
Beyond all constraint, all confine
The WARRIOR Within sounds liberation’s plea
The SELF, the SELF, the conceived destiny.

Rose Marie Raccioppi
Founder/ Director
APOGEE Paradigm™

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Rose Marie Raccioppi, MS FABI
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In Celebrated Acknowledgment of Eric Toher ... YES, CONGRATULATIONS on your labors, your commitment to excellence, your willingness to confront and resolve, and define the very personal meaning of WINNING WARRIOR. The very finest of labors in celebration this very day is, "KNOW THYSELF," as written on the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. You have opened the very portals of cohesive consciousness. Best ever onto you.

Rose Marie Raccioppi
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