Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Restorative Frequencies ... the passion and the power...

In total delight and gratitude to the universe of knowing, I bring forth the delivery of restorative frequencies. Documented changes in visual acuity are consistently manifested, pain relief, increased flexibility, emotional resilience, clarity of focus, energetic coherence, lucidity of intention... YES, the state of harmonic cell signaling awaits YOU. All inquiries welcomed. heart emoticon

APOGEE Acu-Tone™
A Sound/Vibration Paradigm

An evaluation of energetic responses, the determination of frequency and vibration, followed by the application of sound/vibration of calibrated tuning forks upon indicated acupuncture and cranium points... and then the change, the balancing, the opening flow of felt energy, the transformative process... this the APOGEE Acu-Tone™ experience.

Each testimonial statement speaks consistently of the experienced benefits. Amazement is expressed by the changes seen and felt in facial expression and tone, in the newly felt ease of gait, to the relief of stiffness and pain, to a deep feeling of relaxation and calm, to a clearer feeling and more encompassing vision, to a newly perceived perception of self and a deeper appreciation of the internal Universe. 

Allow yourself to experience the benefits... 
your pleasure awaits...

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Rose Marie Raccioppi

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