Friday, May 5, 2017

The HOW of Acu-Tone™ Structured Water

Research and discovery are ever ongoing.๐Ÿ™‚ In the natural structuring of water, as nature provides, there is motion, cascading, turbulence, as the water naturally moves from place to place, from mountain to streams, to water beds. 

There are sounds that occur from the surfaces and surroundings, that are imbedded into the water. By infusing not only the energy of specific crystals, but motion, and frequencies that harmonize with the internal rthymns of our life giving breath, we bring forth a water that truly brings hydration, pleasure and wellbeing. 

Anyone who partakes of Acu-Tone™ Structured Water, remarks on how pleasant tasting it is, silky in feel, smooth, and so welcoming. I am pleased that a growing number are receiving instruction on the process, and are enjoying the benefits of a most welcomed water. 

When studying consciousness, and the role of memory that prompts specific cell signaling, one cannot escape from the dynamic role water plays in the totality of our BEING. Restorative frequencies applied to water bring about a restructuring that leads to water that can be deeply supportive of our well being. For several years I have enjoyed the benefits of structured water... YES, it is a difference maker. The motion and infusion process, that brings about the freeing of Hydrogen to the water, creates a smooth tasting, silky water, that is consistently inviting to drink. This propriety process, that has been in use, has proven to be of noted benefit.  Part of the beneficial process brings about the added release of Hydrogen... this offsets oxidative damage!!! It is oxidative damage that brings forth the aging process and lowered immune health. Yes, frequency and crystal infused structured water supports cell health!!!

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An Intriguing account of research on water:

Water Memory (Documentary of 2014 about Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier) ~

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