Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Confront and Resolve… the process of liberation… panic no more...

Confront and Resolve… the process of liberation… panic no more...
Knowledge and deep understanding can indeed emerge from one’s own experiences. An experience becomes known to us in a myriad of ways: sound, smell, temperature, position, stance, touch, time, season, each, in its own special way,  defines the impact, the impressions of the experience. 
As a vibrational/sound therapist, allowing the feeling of panic, anxiety, fear, discomfort, to be brought to full awareness brings one to the interface of confront and resolve. 
Intensified feelings, impressions, bodily changes, energetic responses, are all openly explored. From this exploration one is able to ascertain what energy centers are brought into play. What memories, what traumas, what abuses, may be called forth in response to a present set of circumstances are brought to awareness, to a level of consciousness that allows confront and resolve.
Pure acoustic, in the moment, Restorative/Balancing frequencies are applied to the related acupuncture points, cranium points, and meridian pathways. The body becomes calm. From this calming state, strategies are defined to offset future panic responses. Specific breath patterns are ascertained. One becomes aware of the play of body, mind, consciousness, and the myriad of associations that trigger panic/stress responses. 
Confront and Resolve has proven to be a liberation process. One moves from being a victim of past traumas, past experiences, past impressions, to an observer, with a set of strategies that transform stress and panic to awareness and wellbeing.

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An added word...
C O N F R O N T... yes, what does a person, situation, event, thought, mood, call upon you to consider. Is it as the word itself defines its letters ...and so be it...

Truth... a willingness to see, feel, BE.

And as we consider the particular issue at hand... 
R E S O L V E... be sought... and seek we to hold in sanctity...

Evolution ... the breath of time and BEING.

YES, CONFRONT and RESOLVE, a process for liberation.

Rose Marie Raccioppi 
APOGEE Paradigm™

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