Saturday, October 12, 2019

P A I N ...

P A I N ~ calling to Passion ~ Aspiration ~ Intention ~ Need...

What I consistently see within P A I N are the hurts and the denials of effect from a myriad of causes. One may feel that one has won over oppression. It is the perception of 'battle' that holds us hostage to P A I N.

P A I N is to be understood for its message, for its signal for action, for its protective intention and cell communication to every organ, to every system, to the totality of our wellbeing. 

A willingness to explore the depths of the 'battle' of self within self often calls for a heroic faith in the ultimate good of confront and resolve. Confront, merely a heart present willingness to embrace all that is revealed. 

P A I N is to be known by the Passion calling for expression, by the Aspiration that yearns for realization, by the Intention that holds true to purpose, by the Need to live in wellbeing. We are to heed the messenger... we are to be respectful of cause and effect.

The depths of consciousness signal the cells of every system, every organ, every function. P A I N is the body calling for the release of the subconscious constraints... the body is calling for the source of pain to be known, for it be released. This is what the APOGEE Paradigm™ holds reverent.. The TRUTH of SELF in full disclosure to SELF.

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