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Defining The APOGEE Acu-Tone™ Paradigm ~ Alignment of Self: The foundation of a new medicine. Through the lenses of Science and the visions of Spirit... The APOGEE Paradigm™ ~ Self and Sound... Echoes of BEING. Perspectives and Findings of Carl Florin C.Nth

Defining The APOGEE Acu-Tone™ Paradigm ~ Alignment of Self: The foundation of a new medicine   Carl Florin C.Nth

A New Consciousness

It is a fact that sound energy alters our physiological processes. Presently however a leap in understanding is shedding light upon all the implications. It turns out the very structure of our cells are designed to be intimately attuned to sound. The closer look into cell structures with new powerful forms of measurement is revealing how sound is enmeshed within the very processes of cell function. Apart from this new emerging science we do not see ordinarily how these energies of our outer world resonate and sound in the body. Our knowledge of this influence of outside stimuli depends upon experience. But what do we know of how the body is changed in that experience? 

We experience qualities of sensation, emotion and thought but we cannot see how they rise from our body to produce our general state. It would appear for all the richness of our experience we are largely blind to how such energies change the function and structure of our being. We would not likely notice what or how much is missing in the assemblage of our reality - which for us always seems beyond question. The very weight of experience itself is a fact that precludes any question. Upon whatever it may be based, Experience itself convinces us of our hold on reality forging a deep belief that we are consciousness – as if what we see must be the whole. Science is however, in a position to find the gaps in this whole, to complete this picture, and to identify that which we could not even guess we are not yet aware. Neuroscience has revealed that the states we experience ride upon the waves of very rapid physiological processes called microstates. These brief surges of electrical activity occur on time scales far beyond our ordinary awareness. Many studies seem to point to the fact that we may only be fully aware at very brief instants in time. Not being aware of this very brief though recurring moment, we nonetheless feel continuously aware. Little in our experience indicates a higher and lower. This implies that much of our thinking does not have to attend the full bright light of consciousness. 

Thought may largely be a mechanical process driven by the spark of these moments of self awareness. This fact in particular highlights the significant role perception has in energizing and defining both actual and apparent moment of awareness. Because we do not notice the gap between the more active moments or actual awareness, when it lapses, we believe we are aware throughout. Sometimes we catch the lapse of actual after the fact some time later. However, we would also have to catch the prior state to realize any transition. Something else must be there to see all the changes, for change to be noticed. Normally our observation does not maintain constant this long. Constant in the sense that something in us becomes more aware than before such that we can actually notice that we are more aware than before. Whatever accounts for this confluence we appear in our life – the world becomes strikingly vivid and alive. 

The more I can come together, the more I can see how this life outside me is all connected, flowing into a single life. Ordinarily however, we do not distinguish a fairly significant discrepancy between when we are more conscious and when we are less. Even if we behave and think as if we are fully aware, it is an unqualified awareness, an engagement for which has no mirror arises in its activity. Then something changes and I realize I have been reading without attention, without being there or noticing my body in the least. In a new state I read with more understanding, the meaning has richer connects to me. Something has entered to turn up the light. And yet the spark that drives these thoughts and actions has long since vanished.

Analogously electric current is spent upon forming the word patterns in a PC’s word processor program. Similarly, sparks of stimuli energy elicit corresponding associated patterns received in prior experience. The current keeps flowing just as impressions continuously enter us. But somehow from one moment to the next our sense of ourselves may be different. This particular impression somehow triggers a sense of the whole of ourselves, which forms a container for that impression. It seems arbitrary in that the stimuli triggered a cascade in me that was placed in me when I was not yet a whole being.

Nonetheless by grace I awake to myself. Energetically This “doubling of impressions” has brought a new awareness. Within a span of so much ongoing change we fail to notice how we are changed. Just as we might fail to see why it is how we come to realize it. All of a sudden we appear, and everything seems to change all around us.

If impressions trigger programs that determine thoughts, action and even how present we are, then what does it even mean to be conscious? I seem to arise from a kind of grace, but in terms of perceptions and information, the mind wonders what combination unlocks the door. Is it an impression that enables all thought to cancel itself out in silence? Leaving only a sense of oneself in its wake. Does this operate like the consciously designed impression of the koan that has the power to bring you beyond thought to pure observation?

Impressions trigger these programs even after the energy is lost so the program continues. If the sustaining energy could persist, we could see beyond conditioned thought. Since it does not, this leaves only the programs that could control anything – But then what is the meaning of doing or thinking ? How does our body respond to such conditioned thought and feeling?

Impressions we received when not fully conscious explain how these programs form in us. Unconscious impressions are the seed of our stories, our scripts and programs we play out habitually. If we are honest or we are compelled to examine our lives closely it appears our harmful patterns and habits are just those programs we now seem obliged to obey. Becoming conscious is the means of finally digesting these impressions and putting them in their place.

We are examining the implications of our difficulty clearly defining the boundaries of our consciousness within what is called the waking state. The lack of discernment we have between when we are fully aware and when we are only running programs from the energy of certain moments, shows clearly our energetic dependence upon stimuli from outside. If we could increase the energy of perception, We could then see ourselves as a whole at the moment of seeing the stimuli. This additional energy would enable us to be conscious long enough to catch the moment when we receive the impression. “We” may persist to observe how the impression drives and is dissipated into mechanical patterns of thought and feeling. In this way we discern both the perception and the mechanical result it triggers. In this way we are not identified with either point in the process. If we find a way to gain this energy, then we will also have the altitude to see how we are not our past, since most stimuli triggers associated memories that re-animate that past. When those impressions come up while we have enough energy to observe ourselves as a whole, the stimuli patterns that are triggered, enter into a whole body which experiences the present. Finally it dissolves to find its place in the larger whole and with it the programs tied to it. This frees us of the program or story associated to that impression. 

The whole key is to have enough perception energy to maintain a power of observation. This method reconciles the past and deepens our power of whole presence to absorb impressions old and new. Digesting these past impressions that are the basis of our programming, we are no longer a slave to their dictates. We become truly empowered to choose, free to do as we wish.

A New Science Meets an Ancient Science:

The past decades neuroscience has shown how far the Illusion of will actually goes, and how many other illusions attend the ordinary state. Aside from the latest in science we have very little idea how it is composed or how conscious we are or for how long. We have no barometer for our own consciousness, even when by definition its own state should be self evident to itself. We might say the word itself is quite misleading or empty until a new way of experiencing can render itself self evident to its own power. As we will see, recent pivotal breakthroughs in cell signaling and measurement have identified physiological conditions and markers corresponding to levels of consciousness. As we have seen if our consciousness is not fully aware changes the meaning of what we are actually doing. We will discuss how APOGEE Acu-Tone™ methodologically expresses a practical application of the new paradigm.

Impressions and Conscious Experience:

What immediately comes to mind when we hear the word impressions? It is likely to be thought of as a more archaic way of expressing perception. Though this use of the word appears to have fallen out of favor. When describing one’s role in an active sense we employ it more often in this way, “the speaker’s presentation made a big impression upon me.” The word nonetheless retains a more descriptive way of describing perception. Upon closer examination we see the two more implicit meanings: a physical change on the one hand, and a change in the focus or content of our awareness. At the present time we reserve the word perception for stimuli, which now more readily expresses these qualities.

A moments notice shows how an impression is related to physical imprint or change of structure. By further reflection we can see that a pattern or code in energy was delivered. In any case we know that in the common use of impression something noteworthy or memorable is invariably preceded and comprised of stimuli.
Chladini Plates show this effect vividly: A metal plate with fine sand resting on will form a distinct geometrical pattern corresponding to the frequency of sound impinging upon it. We can see directly the core pattern or essence of this vibration immediately revealed. For some this may conjure up notions of platonic forms, eternal static blueprints for every dynamic manifestation of a given eternal pattern. The most amorphous energy invisible to the eye suddenly reveals its essence. We might wonder how does this visual pattern illuminate the corresponding sound which has so affected us?

In a previous installment of the APOGEE Acu-Tone™Blog we explored how the latest science explains the transformation experienced with APOGEE Acu-Tone™. In that summary we learned that Microtubules, components of the cytoskeleton are ideally suited for resonating sound. As if perfectly manufactured tuning forks of the cell, a novel expansive way to explain a mode of reception on the micro-level has opened up. We can begin to see how physiological processes of the cell like the pattern in the sand are in some sense also being transformed by the stimuli of experience. Perhaps the most essential meaning that stands out in the word impression is this notion of Transformation. We say we are moved by music but we seldom realize how sound literally inscribes itself upon our being. How does the sound of outside become the sound of our conscious experience? How does any stimuli at all become the sound guiding the activity of our cells?

Solitons and Microtubules: Micro-Organs of Sound and Electricity:

The Soliton model in neuroscience is a recently developed model that attempts to explain how signals are conducted within neurons. It proposes that the signals travel along the cell's membrane in the form of certain kinds of sound (or density) pulses known as solitons. As such the model presents a direct challenge to the widely accepted Hodgkin–Huxley model which proposes that signals travel as action potentials: voltage-gated ion channels in the membrane open and allow ions to rush into the cell, thereby leading to the opening of other nearby ion channels and thus propagating the signal in an essentially electrical manner.

It is undeniable that an electrical signal can be observed when an action potential propagates along a neuron. The Soliton model explains this as follows: the traveling soliton locally changes density and thickness of the membrane, and since the membrane contains many charged and polar substances, this will result in an electrical effect, akin to piezoelectricity.

What this means is once we perceive, stimuli has been transduced into electrical signals free to travel along nerves. Immediately expressed in the form of sound waves the information of the signal now takes upon a new meaning at a critical level of cell operation. As the signal from outside becomes a nerve signal, and this signal as we have learned is really accompanied by a complex orchestra of sound pulses, it becomes obvious see why this mode of transmission has radical import on all cell functions cell commands and cell behavior. This is due to the fact that Cyto-skeletal elements interact extensively and intimately with cellular membranes. Soliton Sound pulses in the lipid membrane of cells propagate directly into the cytoskeleton body to alter the cells electrical, structural, metabolic state. We might say it determines the informational state of the cell itself, in that such a signaling method has the power to elicit and activate critical information from nuclear DNA. The capacity of the cell to maintain itself depends on communication from nuclear DNA using a very minute percentage of available material. This suggests a new and direct availability to the potentials for regenerative healing and conscious states alike. We need only perform a kind of "Chladni" evalution of the informational patterns within sound beforehand so as to engineer a far greater deliberate effect upon the cell.

"A Soliton is a density wave that neither changes shape or velocity as it travels therefore it loses no energy or information."

In a previous blog post:

Finding Spirit in the Fabric of Space and Time - Microtubules and APOGEE Acu-Tone™  

We learn that Solitons are a special kind of sound pulse which does not lose energy or information in its transmission. In that installment we are reminded of Stuart Hameroff's lesson about the perfect efficiency microtubules have for conveying signals Presently we learn of how the cell membrane and cytoskeleton are intimately tied together, along with the nucleus by way of the cytoskeleton. The nucleus is responsive directly to the signals it receives from the cytoskeleton. Mitosis, cell maintenance, cell structure and mode of metabolism all depend on the data of soliton signals.

Science is defining its most pivotal paradigm shift by discovering how cell activity upholds total body health and conscious state. This new paradigm has equal grasp of both. Such principles have empowered science to use stimuli in a deliberate manner as a surgical information healing tool. We are now in a position to radically alter physiological and conscious levels. The ideal data transmitting properties of solitons and microtubules both clearly emphasize how important it is to preserve a perfect signal impervious to all ambient noise. The significance of what we perceive with our senses always matters a great deal. And now it is apparent the significance cannot be overstated. A conscious design informed by understanding these principles of sound transmission in the body, places us in a position to choose balance, addressing the cellular level of function composing our total state of being.

On the level of experience whether we hear a sublime piece of music, or we experience a transition into a much more present, more aware state when engaging the APOGEE Acu-Tone™ process, we are now in a position to realize why such consciously arranged stimuli more than move us, they literally transform.

APOGEE Acu-Tone™ may be regarded as a set of conditions where the body can hear itself and the outside stimuli as one. The reason the body chooses sound as its most fundamental means of transferring information is of enormous importance to both our sense of well being and health alike for complete understanding of the quality of experience. Furthermore, resonant mechanisms of the cell structures play a role in maintaining the vital information encoded. The fact that such structures appear throughout the cell shows how vitally important information contained in stimuli is to cell function at a fundamental level. This does not mean there are not ways for things to go wrong. When the whole state required for a full active presence is not integrated, a simple impression can actually wreak great havoc. We can see that as Aryuvedic medicine has testified for millennia, disease really is a poverty of information. This also resonates with the Buddha’s.  ignorance is the cause of suffering. In any case when the flow of information is cut, or information itself imparts such a break in the flow, there is a corresponding break in intelligence and energy. 

A disharmonious impression is invariably the cause of general disharmony because it arrived at a moment the body was not integrated sufficiently to digest it. Put simply the whole was not yet established. The result can be a kind of cascading error where some part of the whole takes up only a part of the information it needs, unwittingly receiving it as if it where a whole. The new commands on cell processes begins to function in a way out of harmony with the other parts which have not received this message or have received it differently in their own way. Even each organ is an intelligence or mind, such that what the head says is taken differently when we are not present. All the parts must be heard, all the brains, all of the voices. But by whom? What can initiate bringing them all together?

Alienation is the cause of disease. It follows that restoring what the body already knows to all its parts, brings the whole into being so each part knows and follows the same whole. This whole is the throne of self. The intelligence that flows is the ultimate medicine. The state of the body while receiving an impression is vital in determining whether we will grow from its nutrition or acquire yet another engram.

It is clear that runaway mitosis serves no function to the whole body. It begins as alienation in which it grows in the lack of information. Let there be light, and the way is restored. This also highlights how certain information in the form of our experiences may have initiated such conditions which block further cell communication. Division further divides. A cascade results. This cascade or disharmony then characterizes the imbalance of the entire system. Such a pattern in the cells can be identified by a reversed polarity around its cells. This informational enveloping is what leads to cell narcissism, refusing to hear and imposing its own disharmonious activity. Restoring health means restoring information, finding a way to open the door.

Sound: The Portal of Healing:

As is apparent we are not arriving at great and new revelations that find recognition in present day conventional science. The implications offered by the new scientific understanding is of significant import to medicine, physical health and states of consciousness alike. It should be clear we are now speaking of the power to decisively create and evaluate any stimuli to restore both cell and whole body function. For the first time a scientific paradigm can see directly how sound adversely or constructively impact the life processes of all cells.

We can begin to see how and why our ordinary conscious state has such a transient character, how these states are based upon the symphonies of all cells, both their harmonies and cacophonies alike. When a patient is under anesthetic during surgery, his consciousness is in effect switched off. It will then not conduct solitons carrying the nerve signal. At the same time we can corroborate this fact with global bio markers such as EEG in the CNS. Anesthetic molecules dissolve in the membrane to dampen this form of sound in the body and correspondingly prevents any degree of self awareness. Now let us imagine what happens to our cells when stimuli consciously designed as great music, our soul soars with emotional revelation and the mind's eye glimpses something of the eternal. How does the pattern in this composition raise our consciousness by affecting our cells?

The Principle of Anesthetics Finally Unmasked:

The team at Copenhagen and other European groups had finally revealed the true mechanisms by which anesthetic compounds work. They invariably all change the melting point of the lipid membrane turning off the medium for Soliton sound pulses. Simultaneously the electrical activity of the brain or EEG corroborate the state of consciousness based on the cell communication patterns. The EEG for example will demonstrate a corresponding drop in the higher frequencies. So it would appear our conscious states depend upon the connectivity of circuits throughout the body and furthermore that this connectivity is based on sound. By using the soliton theory of nerve signal propagation, we can identify conditions (other than anesthetizing molecules) which also alter the membrane in a manner that will change conduction of sound in cells. 

Let us not forget that the pattern of the soliton itself is the key factor of not only altering the membrane but altering how it conducts for subsequent signals of like kind. The exciting conclusion is we are now free to use these principles to liberate a more comprehensive consciousness and a corresponding higher physiological capability to levels of a higher order. We may in particular see why APOGEE Acu-Tone™ possesses such a unique aptitude in harmonizing our general state in which there is space and silence for the self to appear. APOGEE Acu-Tone™ is able to engender such a profound state due to the fact that it operates on both macroscopic and microscopic levels of the body to connect circuits which may not yet be connected. It is in the connection of particular circuits in the body that the whole appears. It is this state that makes possible the silence needed to hear the self that was always there. The realization and feeling of presence of self attends clearing up a host of symptoms related to imbalance.

It is not just that our cell structures are designed to be attuned to sound, it is also the fact that information from stimuli have a way of reaching the cell to potentially fundamentally alter its operation and structure. The attuned mechanisms within the cell are perfectly matched with the APOGEE Paradigm™, which has long ago grasped and applied the principles that cell research have only recently fully illuminated.

Coming Home to Oneself: 

APOGEE Acu-Tone™ seems to exploit several principles of the new science in a both farsighted and simple way: Pure and direct sound transmission to key points in the body. Each chosen site is like a resonant register that is sounded to connect to other centers. Each placement site may be regarded as the collective of cell activity with its own "chladni" pattern. Through special application of auditory tuning tones, these patterns can then be connected to establish circuits which lacked integrity. Sound is then used to literally reconnect various centers of intelligence which where not as connected previously. The APOGEE Acu-Tone™ system ideally leverages upon the body’s innate acutone resonance within its cell structures. This reaffirms the fractal principle of the body, designed as a medium where all its parts can know the whole. The cell is simply a unit of that whole. Consider that within each of its cells, the body then harbors ideal 'tuning forks' within many of its key structures. We can now re-construct the whole from its parts, by connecting key points to restore vital information, vitality itself.

APOGEE Acu-Tone™ is in itself a process of connection and feedback of sound containing the critical information. It assembles the circuits that form the whole. The total sound body is constructed step by step by the sequence of specially chosen sites where APOGEE Acu-Tone™ sounds are applied. By observing this method we may understand how sound composes the integrity of our body and conscious experience alike.

In sounding - there is also a resounding. Full communication, both transmission and reception flow between tuning fork and a tuning body. As a new connection is made, we come closer to the ONE sound of the entire body. This ONE verse is the UNI-Versal, the being that enthrones, "I AM". This new consciousness is simply putting the house in order for the master, a coming home to the Self that always is. Self aligning with body enables consciousness to remain. It has an integrity sustained by the direct impression of ONE-self.

Carl Florin C.Nth
Biofeedback & Neurofeedback 
Human Performance Specialist

The benefits, the integrity and the safety of this sounding modality 

have been documented from its introduction and development since 1983.
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•Provides instantaneous deep relaxation•
•Balances physical energy•
•Relieves stress by bringing your body into a centered space•
•Awakens the life energy of your cells•
•Eliminates tightness of muscles•
•Reduces pain, tenderness, associated with injuries or stress•
•Promotes Facial Vibrancy•
•Brings forth emotional release•
•Integrates left and right brain•
•Advances creative expression in all art forms•
•Provides attention enhancement• 
•Brings the nervous system into balance•
•Relieves headaches•
•Fosters mental clarity and brain functioning•
•Develops and refines sonic abilities•

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