Friday, June 6, 2014

Water has Memory

An impulse, a beckoning to explore, to rediscover, to experiment, to document... so be this call of WATER and the spirit of BEING. This Video, "Water has Memory," presents the intuitive knowing that has guided the creation of:  APOGEE Acu-Tone™ Prescriptive Structured Water for Wellbeing...  Structured water, crystal/mineral infused, restorative sound frequencies applied, and health giving benefits experienced!! Based upon a direct body biofeedback system, each prescriptive formulation is evaluated for your personal needs. Your body, your response, your wellbeing!! Inquiries welcomed. Personal evaluations arranged.

Call to schedule your personal assessment. The benefits of personally structured water are yours to enjoy.

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Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

WATER ... be it the embrace of the Wondrous, the Ascension, the Truth, the Evolution, the Restorative... this upon giving, this upon receiving ... this APOGEE Acu-Tone™ Structured Water in fulfilled intention 🌀