Friday, June 6, 2014

//// Water Full Movie //// (+playlist)

"Water Full Movie," most certainly brings us closer to understanding the place water holds in creation and life. When studying consciousness, and the role of memory that prompts specific cell signaling, one cannot escape from the dynamic role water plays in the totality of our BEING. Restorative frequencies applied to water bring about a restructuring that leads to water that can be deeply supportive of our well being. Do view, much will be gained in understanding and in appreciation of the wondrous within water.

Call to schedule your personal assessment. The benefits of personally structured water are yours to enjoy.  

APOGEE Acu-Tone™ Prescriptive Structured Water for Wellbeing...

The benefits, the integrity and the safety of this sounding modality 
have been documented from its introduction and development since 1983.
All inquiries are welcomed and will be responded to.

•Provides instantaneous deep relaxation•
•Balances physical energy•
•Relieves stress by bringing your body into a centered space•
•Awakens the life energy of your cells•
•Eliminates tightness of muscles•
•Reduces pain, tenderness, associated with injuries or stress•
•Promotes Facial Vibrancy•
•Brings forth emotional release•
•Integrates left and right brain•
•Advances creative expression in all art forms•
•Provides attention enhancement• 
•Brings the nervous system into balance•
•Relieves headaches•
•Fosters mental clarity and brain functioning•
•Develops and refines sonic abilities•

Personal Consultations and Workshop Presentations are now being offered. 

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